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3/16 is less than 5/16 (8/16 is the half, 16/16 is the whole). Sixteenths are smaller than twelfths (of which only 6 are needed for the half and 12 for the whole) so even 5/16 is a smaller part than 5/12 (when considering an equivalent whole).

(NB spelling of 'twelfth'.)

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Q: What fraction is bigger 3 sixteenths or 5 twelves?
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The fraction 3/8 is equal to 6/16 so 5/16 is not bigger than 3/8.

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One fourth

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Set the two fractions next to each other and multiply upwards. 3/5 and 5/12 5x5=25 12x3=36 36 is bigger. 3/5 is bigger

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