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Three quarters.

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Q: What fraction is bigger than one quarter?
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Related questions

What fraction is bigger one quarter or three eight?

one quarter = two eighths therefore, three eighths is larger than one quarter

What fraction is bigger than a one quarter and less than a third?

27/100 is one possibility.

Which fraction is bigger 1 quarter or 2 third?

One quarter (25%) is less than 2/3 (66%).

What is a fraction that is less than one quarter full?

One-fifth is one simple fraction that is less than one quarter.

What is a fraction bigger than 1?

A fraction bigger than one is an improper fraction.

What is the difference between mixed fraction and vulgar fraction?

A mixed fraction is one which has an integer part and a proper fractional part. A vulgar (or top heavy) fraction is one where the numerator is bigger than the denominator. For example, one and a quarter, as a mixed fraction, is 11/4 whereas as a vulgar fraction, it is 5/4

What is smaller than one quarter?

One quarter is 1/4 Any fraction which has 1 on top (the numerator) and a number greater than 4 on the bottom (the denominator), so 1/5, 1/6. 1/7 etc are all smaller than one quarter. If the numerator is not 1, then if the denominator is more than 4 times the numerator, then the fraction is less than a quarter.

What is bigger 1 and a half or 1 and one quarter?

1 and a half is bigger

Is two sevens bigger than one quarter?


Why decimals greater than one become an improper fraction?

Because if you divide out the fraction you get a number bigger than one. (Definition of an improper fraction).

What fraction is greater than one quarter and smaller than one third?


A fraction that has a small numerator and a bigger denominator?

A fraction with a numerator that is smaller than its denominator is less than one.

Is a mixed fraction bigger than a regular fraction?

Yes it is. A regular fraction is a fraction where the numerator is smaller than the denominator, thus the value of the fraction will always be less than one. Note that a fraction with it's numerator bigger than the denominator does not count as a regular fraction; it is called a improper fraction. Whereas a mixed fraction is a regular fraction with a whole number at the left that is at least one. Thus, the value of a mixed fraction will always be more than one.

Is one quarter bigger than three sixteens?

Yes. A quarter is 4/16

What is an improper fraction of a proper fraction?

an improper fraction is a fraction that the top number (numerator) is bigger than the bottom one (denominator)

Is 30 pounds bigger than 30 and one fourth pounds?

no this is as '30 and one fourth' is 30 and a quarter. meaning 30 plus a quarter, which in turn is one quarter larger than the number 30

What fraction is bigger than one half?


Is the fraction one sixths bigger than three eights?


Is one quarter bigger than one half?

not bigger 1/2 = 2 x 1/4 or 1/4 is 1/2 of 1/2

How is one quarter inch written as a fraction?

one quarter inch written as a fraction is 1/4 inch.

Is one tenth bigger than one third?

No, it isn't. The bigger the denominator (bottom number), the smaller the fraction ~x

What is 1 quarter written as a fraction?

One quarter as a fraction is 1/4

What is one quarter as a fraction percentage and a decimal?

one quarter: = 1/4 in fraction = 0.25 in decimal = 25% in percentage

Is seven and five eigths bigger than seven and one quarter?


Which is bigger one quarter of three sixteenths?

One quarter is 1/4 = 4/16 and three sixteenths is 3/16, so one quarter is greater than three sixteenths