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Q: What fraction is bigger three fourths or five sixteenths?
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What is twelve sixteenths as a fraction in its simplest form?

The simplest form of twelve sixteenths is three fourths.

Which is bigger three fourths or thirteen sixteenths?

13/16 is greater.

Three fourths minus five sixteenths?

seven sixteenths

How many sixteenths are in three fourths?


Express the fractions three fourths seven sixteenths and five eighths with the LCD?

Three fourths, two fourths, three fourths.

What is 93 and three fourths percent as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 93.75% is equal to 15/16 or fifteen sixteenths.

Is three fourths and twelve sixteenths equal?


What is five sixteenths plus three fourths?


What is eleven sixteenths divided by three fourths?


How do you split three fourths into four equal parts?

three sixteenths

What is bigger three fourths or 0.2?

three fourths is bigger.

Which fraction is bigger three fourths or eight ninthe?

8/9 is greater.

Is three fourths greater than nine sixteenths?


What is 3 fourths of a fourth?

Three sixteenths (3/16).

What is thirteen sixteenths subtracted by three fourths?

one sixteenth

What is 3 fourths multiplied by 1 fourth?

It is three sixteenths.

Can you simplify three sixteenths as a fraction?


Which fraction is bigger three quarters or twelve sixteenths?

The two fractions are both equivalent to each other.

Is seven-sixteenths smaller or bigger than three-fourths?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 7/16 = 0.4375, while 3/4 = 0.75. The difference between the two fractions is 5/16 or 0.3125.

Is the fraction five sixteenths bigger than three eighths?

The fraction 3/8 is equal to 6/16 so 5/16 is not bigger than 3/8.

Which is bigger one halve or three fourths?

three fourths.

What is bigger one half or three fourths?

Three fourths

Which is bigger three fourths or two fourths?

tree fourths :)

What is the fraction for three fourths of 16?

tree fourths of 16 is not a fraction. it is 12

What is the lowest common fraction for .1875?