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Q: What fraction is closer to 1 half?
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Related questions

What is the answer to name a fraction between 1 and a half and 1 but closer to 1?

1 1/8

What fraction is closest to 0?

There is no possible answer. For any given fraction, half that fraction is another fraction and it will be closer to 0. And then half of that will be closer still, and then half of that ... . Hope you get the idea.

Is one fourth closer to the benchmark fraction 0 or the benchmark fraction one half?

1/4 is exactly half way between 0 and 1/2.

Is 2-6 as a fraction closer to 0 or one half?

It is closer to a half.

Is 3 over 8 closer to 0 closer to 1 and a half or 1?

3/8 is closer to a half. 3/8 is one away from a half therefore 3/8 is closer to 1/2

What fraction is half of the fraction that is half of half?

One quarter (1/4) is the fraction that is half of one half (1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4).

What fraction is closer to 1 than 0?

If you take half of the denominator and the numerator is more than that then it is closer to 1 than zero.

How do you know that a fraction is closest to one half?

In order to compare two fractions, you have to convert them so that they have the same denominator, which is to say, they are the same kind of fraction, whether that is thirds, quarters, fifths, etc. Let's say that I want to compare 2/9 with 1/5. I can make them both into 45ths. Multiply the 2/9 by 5/5 and you get 10/45. Multiply the 1/5 by 9/9 and you get 9/45. Now you can compare, because 10/45 is obvious 1/45 larger than 9/45. In the example given, since both fractions are less than a half, the larger one is closer to a half. If I had two fractions that were both larger than a half, then the smaller one is closer to a half. What if I have a fraction that is larger than a half and another fraction that is smaller than a half, and I want to know which is closer to a half? I would have to convert all 3 fractions (half is also a fraction) so that they have common denominators, then I can easily subtract a candidate fraction from a half, or subtract a half from it, and see which gives the biggest difference.

What is half of 1 in fraction form?

Half of 1 as a fraction is 1/2

Is the fraction 3 5 closer to 1 2 or 1?

It is closer to 1/2

What fraction is half of the fraction that is half of 1 over 2?


What fraction is closest to 1?

There is none. There will always be a fraction closer to 1 then the last.

Is the fraction 4 sixths closer to 1 half or 1 whole?

One whole = 6/6. the difference between 6/6 and 4/6 is 2/6. 1/2 = 3/6. The difference between 4/6 and 3/6 is 1/6, so it is closer to one half.

What fraction is closer to one half four sevenths or five nines?


Is 9 over 16 closer to a 0 a half or a 1?

It is closer to a half. 9/16=0.5625

What is one half as a fraction?

1 over 2 is a half as a fraction

What fraction is one half of the fraction one half?


Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

Is 4 sevenths closer to 1 or one half?

1 half

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again what fraction do you then get?

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again, you get the fraction of 1/4.

What fraction is closer to 1?

There are many. IT is easier to say such a fraction when you compare. If you compare 45/80 and 35/80, definitely 45/80 is a closer fraction to 1 than 35/80. Similarly, 34/37 is closer than 67/55.

What is one half percent as a fraction?

One half percent as a fraction is 1/200

What fraction is closer to 0?

1 over infinity

What fraction is half the fractionthat is half of half?


Is two- thirds closer to half or one?

Closer to 1/2.