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one sixth

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Q: What fraction is equivalent to four twenty fourths?
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What is an equivalent fraction for four eights?

An equivalent fraction for four eights is two fourths.

What fraction is equivalent to tweleve thirtiths?

twenty-four twenty-sixths

What is twenty-five times four and three fourths in fraction form?

118 and 3/4 = 475/4

What is the equivalent fraction to nine over twenty four?


What fraction is equivalent to four thirteenths?

8/26 (eight twenty-sixths)

What does twenty-four fourths equal?


what is two fourths of twenty four?


What three fourths of twenty four?


What equivalent fraction is equivalent to four twenty fifths?

4/25 = 40/250 = 40000/250000

What is twenty four divided by three fourths?


What is the fraction three-fourths times four?

It is an integer, 3, not a fraction.

What is four fourths of 10 as a fraction?

Four fourths is one whole. And one whole of 10 is 10. As a fraction, that could be written as 10/1 but that is pointless.