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one sixth

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Q: What fraction is equivalent to four twenty fourths?
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What fraction is equivalent to tweleve thirtiths?

twenty-four twenty-sixths

What is the equivalent fraction to nine over twenty four?


What is twenty-five times four and three fourths in fraction form?

118 and 3/4 = 475/4

What fraction is equivalent to four thirteenths?

8/26 (eight twenty-sixths)

What three fourths of twenty four?


what is two fourths of twenty four?


What equivalent fraction is equivalent to four twenty fifths?

4/25 = 40/250 = 40000/250000

What is twenty four divided by three fourths?


What does twenty-four fourths equal?


What is four fourths of 10 as a fraction?

Four fourths is one whole. And one whole of 10 is 10. As a fraction, that could be written as 10/1 but that is pointless.

What is the fraction three-fourths times four?

It is an integer, 3, not a fraction.

How do you write four and three fourths as an improper fraction?

4 and three fourths, an improper fraction has a numerator that is larger than a denominator

What is an equivalent fraction for two ninths?

Equivalent fractions for two ninths are, four eighteenths or six twenty sevenths. Hope I helped.

What fraction is equal to two third that has the denominator of twenty four?

2/3 is equivalent to 16/24

How many fourths are equivalent to a whole?

Four of them.

Are four fifths equivalent to five fourths?


What is an equivalent decimal to three fourths?

Three fourths = three divided by four = 0.75

What is equivalent to twenty over twenty-four?

10 12ths

What is the length of a popcorn machine if its length is three fourths of twenty four?


What is six twenty four as a decimal?

If you meant six twenty fourths then the answer is 6.24If you meant 6/24 then the answer is .25

What is another fraction for three sixths?

1/2 one half 2/4 two fourths 4/8 four eighths they are all equivalent

Are the fractions two fourths and four eighths equivalent?


What is the reduced fraction of twenty nine over twenty four?


What is twenty four twenty eight in simplest form as a fraction?


How do you say 4.25 as a fraction?

4.25 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. In word form it is four and twenty five hundredths.