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1/3 = 2/6

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Q: What fraction is equivelent to one third?
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What is 1 third as an equivelent fraction?

It is a fraction of the form k/(3*k) where k is any non-zero integer.

Which is equivelent to one third?

One-Third = 1/3 or .333

What is an equivelent fraction of 3 twelves?

One fourth

What is one third equivelent to?

0.75 is three-fourths, not one third. One third is 0.333333....

The answer to an a equivelent fraction to 45 fraction?


What is an equivelent fraction?

An equivelent fraction is a number that's the same like 2/4 is equal to 1/2.they can have different denominators

What is the equivelent of 50 percent of fraction?

50% as a fraction is 1/2

What fraction is equivelent to 44 56?

Which fraction is equal to 44/56

Is there an equivelent fraction for 3.6?


What is equivelent to the fraction 2 7?

20/70 is one of infinitely many possible answers.

What fraction is equivelent to 25?

25 is an integer and there is not a sensible way to express it as a fraction.

What fraction is equivelent to 0.875?

0.875 = 875/1000