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Four-sixths (4/3) reduced is the same as two-thirds (2/3) so four-sixths is greater!

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Q: What fraction is greater one third or four sixth?
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Is the fraction one third greater than four twelves?

No they are both equal.

What fraction is less than four sixth?

A fraction less than four sixths would be 5/6!

Write four and one third as an improper fraction?

four and one third as an improper fraction = 13/3

What is one sixth plus one sixth plus one third?

four-sixth or two-thirds

What fraction is equivalent to four twenty fourths?

one sixth

What is the improper fraction for two and four sixth?

It is 16/6.

What is one third plus four sixth?


Is two third same as four sixth?


Is four sixth greater than one half?

yes it is

Is four sixth greater than six tenth?

Yes it is

Is four sixth greater than two fourth?


What are two equivalent fraction for four sixth?

the simplified fraction is 2/3 and another equivalent fraction is 8/12.

What is four sixth?

heres a couple things to indentify it,four sixth; known as a fraction or 4/6. Thats basically what it is so yea im not sure what your actually ASKING but yes it is a fraction or a decimal

Is four sixth equal to one third?

No, two-thirds

Is four sixth same as two third?

That's right.

Is four Sixth equal to two third?

Yes, four sixths is equal to two-thirds.

Which fraction is greater than 3 out of 5?


What is fraction greater than four eighths?


What fraction is equivalent to four-twelfts?

one third

What is an improper fraction for one and one third?

Four thirds.

What is one third to the power of four in a fraction?

It is 1/81.

What fraction is greater than four fifths and has a sum of 25?

The fraction 25, which can be written as 50/2

Is 0.45 greater than the fraction four over ten?


How is the fraction four sixths greater than five sixths?

It isn't.

How many one third strips are equivalent to four one sixth strips?

Two one-third strips are equivalent to four one-sixths strips.