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one third is larger than one fifth

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One third

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Q: What fraction is larger one third or one fifteenth?
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Which fraction is larger one third or four fifths?


What fraction is larger one third or three fourths?


Which fraction has a larger numerator one quarter or one third?

They both have the same numerator.

Is one third larger than one fourth?

yes. When you are working with fractions like this, the smaller the denominator, the larger the fraction.

What is one-third of one-fifth?

One fifteenth.

3.15 as a fraction?

No it is a decimal but 3 and one fifteenth is

What is an equivalent fraction to one fifteenth?


What is one fifth times one third?

one fifteenth

What fraction is greater than six an one third?

The fraction seven and one third is one such fraction.

Is One fifth larger than 2 fifteenth?


What is it equivalent fraction of six fifteenth's?

One possible answer is 60/150.

What is larger one third or 0.03?

One third is larger = 0.33333

Which is larger one third of one half or one half of one third?

Neither is larger.

One twelfth of one third is what fraction?

0ne twelfth of one third in fraction = 1/36

Is one third greater than one fifteenth?

yes,it's greater.

What does one fifth multiplied by one third equal?

one fifteenth or 1/15

What is one third of one third in fraction?

It is one ninth.

What fraction is larger?

When the fractions are converted to equivalent fractions with the same denominator the one with the larger numerator is the larger fraction.

What is 1 third of nine in fraction?

One third of nine is an integer and not a fraction.

How do you approximate a fraction?

Approximating a fraction would depend upon how the fraction is expressed, which would either be in the form of one number divided by another number, or by a decimal. For example, one third is either one divided by three (1/3), or it is .3333333333333333 (etc.). In the latter case, you can decide how many decimal points you want to give, such as, one third is aproximately .333; there would be no point in approximating the 1/3 format of one third. But suppose the fraction was .3337; that is slightly larger than a third, but it could still be approximated as a third. Or, 100/301 which is slightly less than a third, could be approximated as a third.

Write four and one third as an improper fraction?

four and one third as an improper fraction = 13/3

How much is one third of a fraction?

It depends on what the fraction is.

What is one third plus one fifth?

one third plus one fifth is eight fifteenth

What is larger one seventh or one eighth?

One seventh is larger than one eighth. The smaller the number under a 1 in a fraction, the larger that fraction is. Think 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and you'll see the size of the fraction increasing; the numbers are becoming larger.

What is the given fraction of one-third?

one third = 1/3