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1/2 is larger than 2/5

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Q: What fraction is larger two fifth or one half?
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What is 1 half of 1 fifth?

One half of one fifth is one tenth. You just 'double' the denominator if you want to get half of the fraction.

What fraction is larger one third or one fifteenth?

one third is larger than one fifth

What fraction manipulative covers one half of one fifth?

It is one tenth.

What fraction is one half or one fifth?

They are two proper rational fractions.

What fraction manipulative cover one half of one fifth?


What fraction is larger than a half?

There are infinitely many fractions between a half and one. One of them is 2/3

What fraction is equal to one fifth?

One fifth is a fraction, so it's equal to one fifth or 1/5.

What is the fraction one-fifth in decimal form?

one-fifth = .20

What will be an equivalent fraction be for one fifth?

An equivalent fraction for one fifth would be two tenth if you multiply it by two.

Why is an improper fraction greater than a proper fraction?

A proper fraction is a fraction who's numerator is smaller than the denominator. An improper fraction is a fraction who's numerator is larger than or equal to the denominator. 1/2 is a proper fraction. 3/2 is an improper fraction. Now to understand why the improper fraction is larger than the proper fraction, lets split them up. The proper fraction is one half of a whole, whereas the improper fraction is one whole and one half. Basically the proper is one half, and the improper is three halves. In theory, a proper fraction is always less than the whole number under consideration. On the other hand, an improper fraction is either equal to or larger than the whole number under consideration.

What fraction is halfway between one-fifth and one-seventh?

Six thirty-fifths. One fifth is 7/35, one seventh is 5/35, so half way between is 6/35.

Which fraction is the smallest one six or five nine or one fifth?

One fifth is the only fraction in the list so it is the smallest.