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Nine tenths.

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Q: What fraction is more than 2 tenths?
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Related questions

What is 2 tenths into fraction form?

2 tenths in fraction form is 1/5.

Which fraction is greater than 2 3rds?

nine tenths, for example.

What is 1 and 2 tenths more than 8 tenths?

20 tenths

What is 2 equivalent fraction for 5 tenths?

2 equivalent fraction for 5 tenths = 1/2, 10/20

What is the equivalent fraction to tenths?

Tenths are fractions.

Which fraction is greater than two-tenths?

3/10, 2/5, 2/6, 1/2

What is 2 tenths more than 2.454?


What fraction does 0.2 equal?

2 tenths

What is 4 tenths in fraction?

4 tenths = 0.4 or 2/5 as a reduced fraction.

What fraction represents 2 and seven tenths in decimal?

2 and seven tenths in decimal = 2.7

How do you shade more than two tenths but less than one tenths?

You can't, it's impossible. Unless you worded your questions wrong. If you want a fraction greater than 1/10 but less than 2/10, 3/20 works.

What is the fraction of five-tenths?

Since 5 tenths is 5 over ten, 5 tenths as a Fraction is 5/10. 5 tenths

What is the equivalent fraction for 2 tenths?

equivalent fraction for 2 tenths (2/10) = 1/5, 3/15, 4/20, 5/25,...

What is the fraction of twenty-five tenths?

twenty five tenths = 25/10 = 5/2 (improper fraction) = 21/2 (mixed number)

What number is three tenths more than 2?


What is 2 and 3 tenths as a fraction?

It is: 2 and 3/10 = 23/10 as an improper fraction

What is percent of the fraction 1 and 2 tenths?


What fraction is 5 tenths equal to?


What fraction is equal to 4 tenths?

2 fifths

What fraction is 2 tenths equal to?


What is equivalent fraction to four tenths?


What is five and give tenths as a fraction?


Changer 0.2 to a fraction?

0.2 from a decimal to a fraction would be 2/10 because for a decimal you say two tenths. So for a fraction, it is two tenths.

Which is more 2 third or 7 tenths?

7/10 is more than 2/3

What is the decimal and percent of 2 tenths?

Fraction: 2/10Decimal: 0.2