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a third

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Q: What fraction is smaller than a third but bigger than a quarter?
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Which fraction is bigger 1 quarter or 2 third?

One quarter (25%) is less than 2/3 (66%).

What fraction is greater than one quarter and smaller than one third?


Which is bigger one third or one fourth?

When the numerators are the same, the bigger denominator gives the smaller fraction and the smaller denominator the bigger fraction. So 3 < 4 means that 1/3 > 1/4

What fraction is bigger than a one quarter and less than a third?

27/100 is one possibility.

Is one tenth bigger than one third?

No, it isn't. The bigger the denominator (bottom number), the smaller the fraction ~x

What is third quarter?

Third Quarter is when the moon is half and is getting smaller.

Which is bigger one quarter or one third?

One third is bigger.

What fraction is not a fraction to an half a third or a quarter?


What is bigger one third or one fourth?

One third is bigger maddamNo,1/3 = 0.3333333333331/4 = 0.251/3 is bigger. As the denominator gets bigger, the fraction gets smaller.

What is bigger one third or one quarter?

One-third .

How do you determine which fractions are largest when comparing them?

the bigger the denominator (the bottom #) is the smaller the fraction the bigger it is the bigger the fraction. Ex: 1/2 is half 1/3 is a third 1/4 is a forth think of it like the pieces of a pie.

Is a quarter bige than a third?

A quarter is four parts of a whole, while a third is three parts of a whole. Therefore, a quarter is smaller than a third.

What is bigger a quarter cup or a third cup?

A third cup.

What is 1 third of 30?

what is this a thired of thirty is well half of thirty is 15 1 quarter of thirty is 7 and a half but one third must be bigger then i quarter but smaller then one half . So the answer is ............. 10

What is a fraction bigger than 1 forth but smaller than 1 third?

23/83 is one of infinitely many possible answers.

Is one third bigger or smaller than two ninths?


What fraction is between one quarter and on half?

One third.

What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

Which fraction is bigger one third or three twelfths?


Which fraction is bigger 2 third or 4 fifth?

4 fifths is bigger than 2 thirds.

What is the difference between the first quarter and the third quarter moon?

With the first quarter moon, the Moon is "waxing", which means getting larger. with the third quarter moon, the Moon is "waning", which means getting smaller. In each case, the Moon is half lit ---- first quarter moon is when it is increasing and the third quarter moon is decreasing

Which fraction has a larger numerator one quarter or one third?

They both have the same numerator.

What fraction lies halfway between one third and one quarter?


Which is bigger one fourth bigger than one third?

One third is bigger: If you think of the number 12: one third of twelve is 4 (12/3) one quarter of twelve is 3 (12/4) Hope this helped :)

Is 0.38 inches close to a quarter inch?

It is closer to a half inch then a quarter inch. It is bigger than one third of an inch.