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It is 2/5.

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Q: What fraction is two thirds of three fifths?
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Related questions

Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

What is two and two thirds divided by one and three fifths?

Two and two thirds divided by one and three fifths = 12/3

What is three eighths two thirds and four fifths from least to greatest?

three eighths, two thirds, four fifths.

Is two fifths an equivalent fraction of one thirds?


What is greater two thirds two fifths or three tenths?

two thirds

What is three fifths time two and two thirds?

The answer to the mathematical equation of three fifths times two and two thirds is 1and 3/5 or 8/5.

What fraction is two fifths of two thirds?


What is three fifths of two thirds?


What is greater four fifths or two thirds?

four fifths is greater than two thirds four fifths is 80% Two thirds is 66.666666666666666666666666666 etc.

Which is greater 0.6 or two thirds?

two thirds is greater because 0.6=three fifths so three fifths and two thirds could be simplified into nine fifteenths and two thirds could be simplified into ten fifteenths so ten is greater than nine so it is two thirds.

What is two thirds of three fifths of 60?

The answer is 24

What is two thirds of three fifths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/3 x 3/5 = 2/5 or two fifths.

Is two thirds larger than three fifths?


What is three fifths minus two thirds?


Is twenty three thirds as a fraction bigger than 7 and two thirds as a fraction?

no. they are equal

What is four thirds divided by two fifths?

Four thirds divided by two fifths equals ten thirds.

What fraction is bigger. Two thirds or three quarters?

three quarters

What fraction is less than three fifths?

two fifths, one fifth

What is the answer to nine and two thirds minus seven and three fifths?

Two and one fifteenth.

What fraction is bigger 2 5ths or 2 3ths?

Two fifths = six fifteenths, two thirds = ten fifteenths...

Are two thirds and three fourths the same?

no two thirds is much smaller on a fraction table

What are three ways to show that two thirds is larger than two fifths?

Convert to a common denominator; convert to decimal; compare denominators (larger denominator = smaller fraction, if the numerator is the same).

Convert 3.4 to a fraction?

Three and two-fifths.

Which fraction is larger three halfs or two fifths?

Three halves.

What is two fifths divided by three tenths?

four thirds (4/3)