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8 oz/3 lbs as a percentage = 100*8 oz/3 lbs = 100*8 oz/48 oz = 800/48 = 16.66... (recurring) %.

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Q: What fraction of 3pounds is 8oz?
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What is 3pounds in kilos?

1.36 kg

Can you convert 9stone 3pounds into kilos?


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How do you add up ounces?

5/8oz + 3/8oz + 3/8oz

What is the weight of white bread?

3pounds for 1 slice.. 0.1pounds

How much is 3pounds in kilograms?

3 pounds is 1.36 kilograms.

What is 5 percent of 8oz?

5% of 8oz = 0.05 x 8oz = 0.4 oz

What is 8oz into grams?

8oz is 226.8 grams.

How much is 8oz?

8oz is 1 cup -or- 224oz

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What fraction of 3pounds is 4ounces?

1/121 pound = 16 ounces3 pounds = 3 pounds * 16 ounces/1 pound = 48 ouncesfraction: 4 ounces/48 ounces = 1/12

How many pints equal 8oz?

8oz. is = to 16 pt.

8oz equals to how many cc?

Are there 240 cc in 8oz

How many grams make 8oz?

There are 226.796 gm in 8oz.

Is 52ounces bigger than or less than 3pounds?

52ounces is bigger than

How many Calories in 8oz of tofu?

There are about 125 calories in 8oz of tofu.

How many cups in 48 0Z?

6 cups are in 48oz. Each cup in 8oz.6 cups are in 48oz. Each cup in 8oz.6 cups are in 48oz. Each cup in 8oz.6 cups are in 48oz. Each cup in 8oz.6 cups are in 48oz. Each cup in 8oz.6 cups are in 48oz. Each cup in 8oz.

How many cups of dry pasta equals 8oz?

There is 2.5 cups in 8oz of egg noodle pasta. There is 2 cups in 8oz of macaroni pasta.

How many 8oz glasses in a gallon of water?

16 8oz glasses per gallon.

How many 8oz make 32 oz?

4 x 8oz = 32oz. The answer is 4.

What is 3pounds in ounces?

(3 pounds) x (16 ounces per pound) = 48 ounces

50 ounces equals how many pounds and how many ounces?

50 ounces = 3pounds 2ounces