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Q: What fraction of a One dollar is 80 cents?
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What fraction of a dollar is 80 cents?


What fraction of 1 is 80 cents?

eighty per cent assuming 1 means 1 dollar $1 = 100 cents 80/100 = 80%

What is .8 of dollar?

80 cents

What is four fifths cents of a dollar?

4/5 of a dollar is 80 cents. 4/5 cents of a dollar is 4/5 cents.

How many cents are in four fifth of a dollar?

80 cents

Four fifths of a dollar?

80 cents

How many cents are there in four fifths of a dollar?


How many cents is four fifths of a dollar?

4/5 is actually 80/100 when it is re-written. 100 is the dollar and the 80 is cents. c/d.

How many nickels are equal to eight tenths of a dollar?

You have to convert everything to cents:A dollar is 100 cents so 8/10 of a dollar is 80 cents (0.8 * 100)A nickel is 5 centsThen 80 cents divided by 5 cents = 16 coins

How much did gas cost in 1999?

About a dollar or 80 cents

How many cents is 4 5th's of a dollar?

80 cents. because 1 times 4/5 times 100 is 80.

What fraction of 4 dollars is 80 cents?

It is: 80/400 = 1/5 in its simplest form

Value of one gram of silver?

Not a whole lot. Less than a dollar. Between 50 and 80 cents.

How much euro cent is a dollar?

As of August 2012, one (1) United States dollar is equal to 0.8022 euros. This is about 80 euro cents.

What 3 coins equal 80 cents?

half a dollar a quarter and a nickel

How many quarters are in 10 dollars?

One quarter is 25 cents, and one dollar is 100 cents. Thus, we can calculate that one dollar equivalents four quarters. So, 10 dollars = 4 x 10 = 40 quarters.

If I buy six 30 cent lollies how much will I spend?

one dollar eighty cents0.30 x 6 = 1.80

How many dollars is 80 nickels?

Ok, so each nickel is 5 cents, and there are 100 cents in a dollar, and 100 divided by 5 is 20, so there are 20 nickels in a dollar and 80 divided by 20 is 4 so 80 nickels are 4 dollars, or 400 cents. Hope this helps!

How much is a Canadian One Dollar Bill worth?

As of 1/12/18 the Canadian dollar is worth 80 American cents. That number will likely change tomorrow.

What 6 coins can you use to make 80 cents?

Half-Dollar + dime + four nickels

How do you make 80 cents only using 3 coins?

Quarter, half-dollar, and nickel

How many nickels are in 4.00?

Each nickel is worth 5 cents. There are 100 cents in each dollar, so 4 dollars would be 400 cents. 400 divided by 5 = 80 nickels.

What is 35 cents plus 80 cents?

35 cents + 80 cents = 115 cents = $1.15

How many nickels are in four dollars?

80 :) Two nickels in 10 cents, which means 20 in 1 dollar. Multiply that by 4 and we get 80.

How much is American money worth in Canada?

1 U.S dollar is about 80-90 cents in Canada

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What fraction of a dollar is 80 cents?

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