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3 ft is a yard, so have 1 yd X 1 yd X (2 in). And 2 in = 2/36 yd = 1/18 yd. So it is 1/18 of a cubic yard.

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Q: What fraction of a cubic yard is 3ft by 3ft by 2 inches deep?
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What is the cubic yards of mattress 7 feet long 6 feet wide and 8 inches deep?

The mattress would have a total area of roughly 1.04 cubic yards. However, a cubic yard is one yard long by one yard wide by one yard deep. The mattress is only 8 inches deep, not enough to equal a yard, so it really does not have any one area that is a cubic yard in size.

36 cubic inches does this equal to a yard?

No. 36x36x36 is the cubic inches in a cubic yard. 46656 cubic inches equal a cubic yard.

How big is one cubic yard?

One cubic yard, a measure of volume, is 36 inches wide by 36 inches tall by 36 inches deep. 1 yard3

How many square feet will a yard of wood chips cover at 2 inches deep?

If it is a cubic yard it will be 162.

What are the dimensions for one cubic yard of debris?

36 inches wide by 36 inches tall by36 inches deep

How many cubic inches make a cubic yard?

46,660 cubic inches per cubic yard.

How many cubic inches in one cubic yard?

Multiply 36 by 36 by 36 = 46656 ci = 1c yd

What are the dimensions of 6.5 cubic yards of mulch?

1 cubic yard will cover 15 square yards at 3 inches deep.

How many cubic yards of gravel to cover 12'by 15' area?

62/3 cubic yards for every 1-foot deep. 5 cubic yards for every 9-inches deep. 31/3 cubic yards for every 6-inches deep. 5/9 cubic yard for every 1-inch deep.

What fraction of a cubic yard is one cubic foot?

ANSWER 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

How much sand for eighteen square feet by four inches deep?

Two thirds of a cubic yard.

How many square feet will a yard of concrete cover at 3 inches deep?

A Yard of Concrete? what unit is this? Linear? Cubic? Front yard or back? I suppose it is a Cubic Yard of Concrete. The answer is (36/3)*9 = 108sf