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3/20ths or 15%

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Q: What fraction of one dollar is 15 cents?
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What fraction of one dollar is fifteen cent?

There are 100 cents in one dollar. Therefore, 15 cents is equal to 15/100 dollars, or, expressed in its simplest form, 3/20 dollars.

What is 15 cents as a fraction of 1 dollar?

It is: 15/100 = 3/20 as a fraction in its lowest terms

What is 15 of one dollar?

15% is 15 cents. 1/5 is 20 cents.

What is fraction of one dollar is 15?

3/20ths or 15%

What is the fraction of one dollar is 15?

15/100 or 3/20

What fraction of a dollar is 3 nickels?

Nickel = 5 centsthree nickels = 15 cents= 15 percent

What is the Fraction of 2 is 30cents?

30 cents is 1/(1/15) or one over one fifteenths of 2 cents.

What percent of a dollar is 15 cents?

It's 15%. Just a heads up, any number of cents out of a dollar will be that number percent. Example, 34 cents=34% and so on...

What is the difference between a dollar and a half and thirty five cents?

A dollar is 100 cents. A dollar and a half equals 150 cents. 150- 35 ___ 115 cents (a dollar and 15 cents)

What fraction of a dollar is 3 nicke?


What fraction is 160 cents of 3 dollars?


How many 10 cent lollies can you buy for 1.50?

You can buy 15, if there is no tax involved. One dollar is 100 cents, and .50 means 50 cents.

What seven coins make a dollar?

Two quarter dollar coins (25 cents each) and five dimes (10 cent each coin) or 3 x 25 cents = 75 cents 3 x 5 cents = 15 cents 1 x 10 cents = 10 cents Total = 100 cents or one dollar.

.15 equal to a fraction of a dollar?

15¢ = 15/100 = 3/20 of a dollar

How much is a US 1863 15 cent dollar worth?

More information is needed. A dollar is a dollar, 15 cents is 15 cents and they aren't the same. Are you referring to a piece of what is called fractional currency? If so, could you provide a more complete description? It has COLUMBIA on it and it is a fractional currency NOTE.

What fraction of 4 dollars is 60 cents?

.6/4*100 = 15%

1 dollar in cayman island is werth what in America?

A dollar in the cayman island is worth 15 more cents than an American dollar

Nancy has saved 1500 cents from selling lemonade How many dollars does Nancy have?

Nancy has 15 dollars. 1500 cents divided by 100 (100 cents are in a dollar) = 15.

What is 15.0 percent in dollars?

15.0 percent of 1 dollar is 15 cents.

What fraction of a dollar is three nickels?

15/100 or 3/20

How much is 15 percent?

Fifteen percent means fifteen out of every hundred...15 cents out of a dollar, 15 people out of a hundred.

How much ARE three quarters and four dimes?

Three quarters are 75 cents and four dimes are 40 cents. $0.75 + $0.40 = $1.15 (a dollar and 15 cents).

How much would 1 dollar in 1969 be worth today?

15 cents per

How much does a magic 8 ball cost in 1970?

1 dollar and 15 cents

How much would a dollar be in Mexico?

Currently (Feb 15, 2017) it stands at 20.2 pesos per dollar, or 0.05 cents (one nickel) per peso.

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