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Two days is 2/365 of a year, which works out to be one 182.5th of a year.

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Q: What fraction of one year is two days?
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How do you convert 21 days into a fraction?

A fraction requires two numbers. 21 days as a fraction of what? A month, a year, a century?

How many 28 days are in a year?

There are 13 full sets of 28 days in a year, plus one day in a normal year or two days in a leap year.

How are solstices and equinoxes related or the same?

A solstice is the two longest days of the year. One day in summer and one day in winter. An equinox is the two shortest days of the year, one in fall and one in spring.

What fraction of a week is two days?


Were there 52 Wednesdays in 2009?

Yes there were 52 Wednesdays in 2009. In a regular year there are about 365 days, so there will be one day of the week that will occur 53 times, two days of the week in a leap year. 365 days in a regular year divided by 7 is 52 with a remainder of one, meaning one of the days of the week has to occur an extra time. Leap year has a remainder of two, so two days will occur 53 times.

What fraction of the days start with the letter S?

Saturday and sunday two-seventh of the days

How many days in six years?

2191 days in 6 years if there is one leap year in the span (the third year), otherwise 2192. (365x6 plus the one or two leap days)

What fraction of six weeks is two days?


What is the fraction of two days in nine weeks?


How many years is 1000 days?

There are 365 days to each year, so two years would be 730 days. Then 1,000 days is 2 years 270 days unless one of the years is a leap year, in which case 1,000 days would be 2 years 269 days. Also, 1,000 days would be 1000/365 years or 2 54/73 years (2 270/365 years simplified) or 2.74 years as a decimal fraction, if none of the years are a leap year.

What is twenty- six weeks out of two years as a fraction?

One year = 52 weeks + 1 or 2 days That is 1 year = approx 52 weeks. So 26 weeks/2 years = 26 weeks/104 weeks = 1/4

What fraction is two fifths of two thirds?