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Q: What fraction of their games did a football team lose if they won 55 percent of their games?
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What does Chelsea do in football?

Lose a lot of games.

A baseball team wins 7 games and lost 5 games what fraction of the games did they win and lose?

Fraction of games won: 7/12 Fraction of gams lost: 5/12

How many football games concecutive did Iberia mo lose?


If the cougars won 62 percent of their games and they won 93 games how many games did they lose?

7 games

Team lost 4 of 15 games. what fraction of its games did team lose?

It lost 4/15, of course!

Does the number in baseball games than football games make a difference for playoffs?

Yes in football there is one game and if u lose your out in baseball it is best of 7

If they won 62 percent of their games and they won 93 games how do you figure that out how many games did they lose?

u be so stupid

Did the saints lose any games in the 1966 season of Australian rules football?


Is gym is better too lose weight or games like football?

the gym is better because you do the work out you need to play football

If one out of every fifty people who play a certain games win a prize what percent of people lose?

98% of people who play certain games do not win a prize and lose.

The football team played 15 games this season and won 3 more games than it lost how many games did the team lose?

15??? or 12

A hockey team won 0.738 of the games played What percent of the games did they lose?

impossible question, you need to know how many games they had played all together