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10% of £3 = 30p

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Q: What fraction of three pounds is thirty pence?
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How do you write three hundred and sixty three pounds and thirty pence in words?

Three Hundred and Sixty-Three Pounds and thirty pence.

How many ten pence coins are in three pounds?

Three Pounds consists of 300 Pence, therefore there would be 30 x 10 Pence in Three Pounds.

How many pence are there in six pounds fifty three?

There are 653 Pence in six pounds fifty three.

Who is the richest hiphop musician?

Dizzee Rascal is worth 50 million pounds and thirty-three pence, so I suppose he is. No, I know he is.

How many fives are in three pounds and eighty five pence?

Three Pounds and Eighty-Five pence = 385 pence. 385 divided by 5 = 77

What is ten percent of thirty pounds?

Just divide thirty by ten to get three, and there you have it; three pounds is ten percent of thirty. This is proven by multiplying three by ten to get thirty.

How much pence are there in six pounds fifty three?

653 pence

What is the total cost of three books of nine pounds and 99 pence?

29 pounds 97 pence

What fraction of 1 pound is sixty pence?

60 Pence is three-fifths (or 60%) of a Pound.

What fraction of one pound is sixty pence?

three fifths

What is the value of 1970 threepence?

Three old pence = 1/80 pounds = 1.25 pence.

What is 9 percent of three pounds?

27 pence

What is thirty three percent into a fraction?

33% as a fraction is 1/3

Is the fraction 38 equal to the fraction 83?

thirty-eight is the reduced fraction of eighty-three.

How many twenty pence pieces in three pounds?


In English money what is 300 pence?

As there are 100 pence in 1 pound Sterling, 300 pence is £3.00.

Can you write a cheque one thousand three hundred and forty pence?

Yes. Although that may cause confusion about whether the intended amount was 1340 pence, for example 13 pounds and 40 pence, or 1300 pounds (missed out) and 40 pence.

What is the fraction of notation of thirty three and one third?

The fraction form is 100/3.

How many ounces equals one thousand three hundred thirty seven pounds?

Google "one thousand three hundred thirty seven pounds to ounces"

How do people talk in Ireland?

Is í Gaeilge an chéad teanga oifigiúil in Éireann - Irish is the number one official language in Ireland. "turty tree million, turty tree tousand tree hundred ant turty tree pence, and a terd" = thirty three million, thirty three thousand three hundred and thirty three pence, and a third. :o) Sure you'll be grand.

What is the fraction eight over thirty three as a decimal?


What is .3 in fraction form?

three tenths, thirty hundredths, three hundred thousandths

What can you buy with three pounds and fifty pence?

you can by a good couple of sweets xxx

How do you spell 33 over 100?

The fraction 33/100 is "thirty-three hundredths" (or thirty-three one-hundredths).

How many 10 pence coins have the same value of 3 Pounds?

Only mint condition Uncirculated and Proof coins in the original packaging might have a value of Three Pounds, otherwise, 10 Pence coins are worth 10 Pence.