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The fraction strips that you can make if you start with a thirds strip is a fraction strip with, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or any other number with using a third fraction just drawing it in a fraction strip.

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Q: What fraction strips can you make if you start with a thirds strip?
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What fraction strips can you make when you start with the fourths?

You can make the 8 12 16 strip

How do you do a twelfth for a fraction strip?

You can fold a thirds strip in half and then in half again and you get twelfths.

What is the purpose of using fraction strips and a 1 strip?

its equal not the answer

What fraction strips have at least one mark that lines up with the twelfths strip?

A quarter.

What fraction strips could you make if you started with a fourths strip?

You can make eights or sixteenth

What fractions strips in an eights strip that have more than one mark that lines up with the marks on the eight strip?

If your teacher gave you an eighths strip like the one you made in Problem 1.2, which of the fraction strips you folded for Problem 1.2 would have more than one mark that lines up with the marks on the eighths strip?

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