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2/18, 3/27, 4/36 and so on.

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Q: What fractions are equivalent to one ninth?
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What fractions are equivalent to 0.1111111111?

It is one ninth, which could be two eighteenths.

What are equivalent fractions for one-sixth and one-ninth with a common denominator of 18?

It is 5/18.

What are three equivalent fractions for 4 ninth?

8/18, 12/27, 16/36

What are six fractions equivalent to one sixths?

write two equivalent fractions to one sixth?

Is the fraction 1-10 equivalent fractions?


What is the greatest common factor of four and one ninth?

The GCF applies to integers, not fractions.

What is the equivalent fractions to 20 over 34?

200/340 is one of infinitely many equivalent fractions.

Why isn't 5-5 not equivalent fraction?


What equivalent fractions can equal one?

I just did fractions and I think 1/1

What are non equivalent fractions?

Non-equivalent fractions are fractions that are not equal

What is one third of one third?

It is one ninth. Since everything is backwards in fractions, you multiply 3*3 and get nine.

Is one fourth a perfect square?

No, a perfect square is the square of an integer number. Fractions are never a perfect square, as the square of an integer is always another integer.Actually fractions can be perfect squares an example is one ninth, it would be one third times one third which equals one ninth.

What do you think equivalent fractions are?

I think that equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same answer, at he end.

How do you match equivalent fractions?

One way to do it is to convert them to decimals by performing the division. Equivalent fractions become the same decimal.

What fractions are one fifth and two tenth?

They are equivalent fractions, each equal to 0.2

What fractions are equivalent to 0.30?

3/10 is one

What are equivalent fractions for one ninths?


Define equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same value as another fraction.

What is the equivalent fractions for 4 and one fifth?

4.2 is the equivalent decimal fraction.

What are the equivialent fractions to 3 4?

There are infinitely many equivalent fractions: one of these is 30/40.

What are 3 equivalent fractions of 25 percent?

25% = 1/4 = 25/100 = 7/28. Equivalent fractions of 25% are any fractions that equal one quarter.

Two fractions that represent the same point on the number line?

equivalent fractions

What is one ninth equivalent to?

One ninth which is also written 1/9 can be found by dividing 1 by 9. and the answer is: In decimal formant = 0.11111111111111111111111111111111...

Will equivalent fractions represent the same value?

Yes! If your fractions are equivalent.

What are equivalent and non equivalent fractions?

Equivilent means same fractions.