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They are equivalent fractions, each equal to 0.2

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Q: What fractions are one fifth and two tenth?
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One fifth and two tenth are which fractions?


Is one fifth half of one tenth?

No. Half of one tenth is 1/20. To get 1/5 take two 'one tenth's ie twice of one tenth is one fifth.

Is one fifth halfe of on tenth?

No, one tenth is half of one fifth.

What will be an equivalent fraction be for one fifth?

An equivalent fraction for one fifth would be two tenth if you multiply it by two.

What is two equivalent fractions for 8 40?

one fifth

What fraction is one half or one fifth?

They are two proper rational fractions.

What kind of fractions are one fifth and two tenths?

Vulgar and equal

What is three and one fifth minus two and three tenths?

one and one tenth

What is a fifth a fifth of?

Well, a fifth is one fifth of one, that's why it's called a fifth, it's divided into five. If your question was 'what is a fifth a tenth of?', then the answer would be two. What is a fifth a seventh of? 1.4, etc.

What are the equivalent fractions for two tenth?


What is one fifth multiplied by four eighths equals what?

The words "multiplied by " are the same as saying "of". Four eighths is the same as one half. So, "one fifth multiplied by four eighths" is the same as saying "one fifth of one half". It's also the same as " 0.2 of 0.5 " You can swap the two fractions with each other, so it is also the same as saying "one half of one fifth" or 0.5 of 0.2 The answer is one tenth, or 0.1.

How do you turn two fifths into one tenths in fractions?

Two fifths and one tenth are completely differentfractions - they are not equivalent values for the same fraction !