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Any fraction that has a smaller divisor. One ninth, for example.

Let me explain using a pie!

One half of the pie would be expressed as 1/2 of the pie.

One quarter of the pie would be expressed as 1/4 of the pie

Three quarters of the pie would be expressed as 3/4 of the pie

Taking these examples note that there are two parts of a fraction ...

the bottom number or divisor and the top number or numerator.

The concept of fractions is that something is divided into a number of equal parts:

2 for halves 3 for thirds, four for quarters, five for fifths, and so on. That number is represented by the divisor - the bottom number.

The numerator, or top number tells you how many of those parts we're talking about

So your fraction ... one tenth equals 1/10 of something(say the pie). One of the pieces when something is divided into ten equal parts,

Obviously, if I divided the pie into a smaller number of parts, say nine (1/9) one part would be bigger.

The case of 3/4 says divide the pie into 4 equal parts and I'll have 3 of them!

The divisor is 4 and the numerator is 3

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Q: What fractions is greater than one tenth?
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