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Q: What function does the semispinalis capitis have?
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What is semispinalis capitis function?

Rotate the head from one side to another.

What are antagonist muscle in head flexion?

semispinalis capitis splenius capitis longismuss capitis spinalis capitis trapezius

What Muscle used to shake head no?

sternocleidomastoid, splenius capitis, semispinalis capitis

Which muscles do you use to nod?

The sternocleidomastoid muscles are the major muscles that assist you in flexing the neck, along with the longus capitis and a few other small deep muscles of the anterior neck. These flex the neck and head forward or anteriorly. The splenius capitis, semispinalis capitis and longissimus capitis are the major extensor muscles of the neck. These extend the neck upward and backward or posteriorly.

What is tinia capitis?

tinia capitis (infection of the scalp.)

Muscle that attacheds to the dura mater?

The rectus capitis posterior minor is attached to the dura mater as well as the spinal dura. Its' function is to protect fluid flow during head extension.

What muscle starts with the letter r?

Rectus muscles rectus capitis anteriorrectus capitis lateralisrectus capitis posterior minorrectus capitis posterior major rotatoresrectus abdominisrhomboid major rhomboid minor

What is pediculosis humanus capitis?

Pediculosis humanus capitis is the head louse.

What is the selenium capitis?

Selenium sulfide is used against tinea capitis.

What is the antagonist for the splenius capitis?

It's the splenius capitis.

What is the scientific name of head louse?

Pediculus humanus capitis

What are the neck extensors?

trapezius, splenius muscles, and semispinalis muscles