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1/x (not a function though, since it's not defined for x=0). e^(-x) converges close to zero as x increases, would be a good choice.

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Q: What function is most likely to have the smallest value for y if x is large?
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A statistical function that determines the smallest value in a group of values?

MIN function

CRITBINOM function returns the smallest value for which the cumulative is greater than or equal to a given value?


Does The SMALL function formula displays the smallest number contained in the range?

The SMALL function can display the smallest, but it can also do things like select the second smallest or the third smallest for example. Which position is determined by the second argument. So if you wanted to get the third smallest value in the range from B6 to D12, the function would be: =SMALL(B6:D12,3)

The lowest number of value?

In Excel you can use the SMALL() function The small function can retrieve the smallest values from data based on rank. For example: =SMALL(range,1) // smallest =SMALL(range,2) // 2nd smallest =SMALL(range,3) // 3rd smallest

Number of engineering hours is a likely cost driver for which value chain function?

to design function

What the range in maths for kids?

In a function, the "range" is the set of all possible values of a function for the values of the variable, or the values that result when a function takes in the domain.For example, the function y=2X+3, the range is all real numbers.In statistical data, the range is the difference between the smallest value and the largest value in the set. To find range, you subtract the smallest value in the data set from the largest value.For example, this data set:73, 77, 84, 87, 89, 91, 94The range is the difference of the smallest value and the largest value, so 94-73=21. The range is 21

How do you find the largest and smallest number row wise and column wise?

Use the function MAX to find the largest value. Use the function MIN to find the smallest value. If you want to find the value in a row, use the range of the cells in the row; for column, use the range of cells in the column. =MAX(A1:A12) will find the largest value in column A (from row 1 through 12). =MIN(A1:M1) will find the smallest value in row 1 (from column A through M).

What function finds the smallest value in a list of numbers in Excel?

You can use the MIN function or you can use the SMALL function, using 1 as the second argument in it. So to find the lowest value in the cells from A2 to A16 the function choices are: =MIN(A2:A16) =SMALL(A2:A16,1) MIN would be more commonly used for the lowest value, but using SMALL you can get the second smallest by changing the 1 to 2, or the third lowest by using 3 and so on.

What combination of factors will produce the smallest value for the standard error?

A small sample and a large standard deviation

What happens to the output when the function's input value is divided by 3 In the inverse variation function?

The output is three times as large.

What is the value of the smallest division on the scale?

what is the value of the smallest division on a ammeter

What is the smallest possible value for a where y equals Sin2a reaches its maximum?

The maximum value of the sine function is 1 and that the smallest value for a would be pie divided by 2. So, if 2a= pie divided by 2, then the answer is a=pie divided by 4(simply divide both sides by 2).