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Quidditch, a fictional "sport" from the Harry Potterseries, by JK Rowling.

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Q: What game requires 2 beaters 3 chasers 1 keeper and 1 seeker?
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Harry potters position in the team?

2 beaters 1 keeper 1 seeker 3 chasers

What are the positions in Quidditch?

There are seven players on each team; One seeker, one keeper, two beaters and three chasers. The seeker catches the snitch. The keeper tries to block the other team from scoring a point. The beaters hit the bludgers. The chasers score the points.

On a Quidditch team there are seven players One Keeper one Seeker three Chasers and two beaters?

That is correct.

How many players are on a Quidditch team and what positions do they play?

7 players 3 chasers 2 beaters 1 keeper 1 seeker

How many players in quiditch?

well there is 1 keeper, 2 beaters, 3 chasers and a seeker so there are 7 all together hope this helped

How many Quidditch players were on all the house teams at Hogwarts?

Each team had a Seeker, a Keeper, two Beaters and three Chasers. Seven players on each team. And there are 4 teams for a total of 28 people.

What are the positions in quiddich?

There are 3 Chasers on each team who try to get the largest ball, the quaffle, into the opposing team's goal posts to win points. Each team has one Keeper who guards his or her team's goal posts from enemy Chasers. There are two Beaters on each team whotry to knock the metal balls known as bludgers into opposing team members to interfere with their gameplay. Finally, there is one Seeker on each team who trys to catch the Golden Snitch, the smallest ball. When a seeker catches the Golden Snitch, the game ends and that seeker earns 150 points for his or her team, usually winning the game. In short, each team has: 3 Chasers 1 Keeper 2 Beaters and 1 Seeker.

Are there 28 Quidditch players on all the house teams at Hogwarts?

Yes, there are 7 players on a Quidditch team and 4 teams at Hogwarts. 7 multiplied by 4 equals 28. Those players are; 1 Keeper, 1 Seeker, 3 Chasers and 2 Beaters. One player on each team is also the captain.

What is Quidditch and what do you need for it?

Quidditch is a fictional sport played in the fiction novels and movies of Harry Potter. It is played on broomsticks, and each team has 7 players-the seeker, the keeper, 2 beaters, and 3 chasers. The seeker tries to catch a fast little ball called the snitch which will end the game. The beaters keep bludgers away from their players; bludgers are larger balls that chase the players around trying to knock them off their brooms. The chasers use the quaffle, which is a red ball, and they try to score through 3 different hoops, sort of like basketball. The keeper guards the hoops to stop the other team from scoring.

When was Seeker Lover Keeper created?

Seeker Lover Keeper was created in 2010.

What are the four types of players on the Quidditch team in the harry potter series?

The Seeker - Has to catch the snitch. The Keeper - Has to guard the goals to stop the Quaffle from getting through. The Chasers - Have to pass the Quaffle to each other and score. The Beaters - Have to use their bats to hit the Bludgers either to the other team or away from their own team.

How many players are on a Quidditch team?

There are 7 players per team. 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Goalkeeper, and 1 Seeker.

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