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a plane

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Q: What geometric idea does the intersection of the wall and celling?
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What geometric shape is wall?

Assuming that the wall is even sided, a rectangular prism.

What geometric shape is the Great Wall of China?


Is the intersection of the ceiling and the front wall a plane?

No, it's a line

What is diathermic wall?

i have no idea what diathermic wall is

Which train is closest to William Street and Wall Street?

The Wall Street station on the 2 and 3 trains (of the 1-2-3, the red line) is at the intersection of Wall and William Streets.

What geometric term describes the place where the ceiling meets a wall?

An edge. A horizontal edge, to be more precise.

Real world examples of skew lines?

given a room with 4 walls Line 1: The line that is the intersection of the floor and the west wall Line 2: The line that is the intersection of the ceiling and the north wall Lines 1 & 2 are skew. they never touch yet they are not in the same plane.

What geometric term describes the place where a wall and the floor meet?

Tangent plane "is the floor". I never heard that the touching point has a specific name.

How is it that we have some idea of what greek wall painting looked like although no example has survived?

We have examples of their vases that give us an idea of what their wall painting would have been like.

The closest latitude to New York City is?

NYC is a big place.The intersection of Broadway and Wall Street is located at40° 42' 29.7" north latitude74° 00' 41.6" west longitude(And we're not talking about the curbs either. This is the pointright in the center of the intersection.)

what is the main idea of the story the parable of the wall?

what is the code of ethics

What is the height of an internal wall?

I have no idea. Go ask Google.