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Q: What geometric shapes are used to build big Ben?
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What were the materials used to build the big ben?

There were a number of materials used to build the Big Ben Tower in London. These include a copper and tin alloy, limestone, a well as iron spire.

What structural shapes are used in the design for the big ben clock tower?

your mums hairy bush aye

What tools and equipment ere used to build Big Ben?

334 limestone stairs to the top.

What shapes were used to build big ben?

The clock tower which is part of Westminster Palace in London (in the UK) and which is commonly referred to as Big Ben* is actually constructed from brick with an ornamental limestone cladding. * There is some debate as to whether the name "Big Ben" refers to the clock tower or is actually the name of the bell contained inside!

Did sir Norman foster build big Ben?

no he did not

How do you build big ben out of popsicle sticks?

By Being Creative.

Does Ben Sherman carry narrow shoes?

Ben Sherman offers a collection of shoes and accessories in all shapes and sizes. Currently they do accommodate people with a narrow foot measurement.

Why is Big Ben in London?

This is where it was built, to be included in the re-build of the Houses of Parliament.

What has the author Ben F Johnson written?

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What is ben macdhui used for?

Ben Macdhui is a mountain in the Grampian Range.

Was big ben build in the renaissance?

No. Big Ben is actually the name of the 14 ton bell in the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster in London. It was installed in 1859.

How long did big ben exist?

Since 1859 when it was completed. It took several years to build.