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Q: What gets larger when one thinks harder?
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What is katniss' greatest fear after her private session with the gamemakers?

She is worried that they will give her the first ever zero in 75 years!! She thinks that if she gets a zero that it will be the end, no one will sponsor her and she will surely die in the arena with no sponsors!\ Hope this helps:)

How do you Win cube?

You can't it is one of those games that never ends it just keeps on going and gets harder and harder.

How do you win cube field?

You can't it is one of those games that never ends it just keeps on going and gets harder and harder.

One of your testicals is larger and harder than the other what should you do?

flick it with your index finger until it shrinks

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In a swarm it gets harder for a predatory bird to focus on one single target.

What method could you use to determine whether the ruby or the emerald is harder?

Rub them together and see which one gets scratched.

Do snails swich shells?

yes, when a snail gets to large for its shell it disposes of it and finds a larger one.

Why do songs get banned?

Because someone with power or a LOUD voice gets offended, and thinks they know what's best for every one else.

Which satellite experiences the larger gravitational force if two satellites have the same mass but one is twice as far away from the planet as the other?

It would be the one farthest away because gravity tries pulling it harder and harder into an orbit so it goes much faster than the one inside.

Why is it okay for a graph to cross one of its's horizontal asymptotes?

There is nothing in the definition of "asymptote" that forbids a graph to cross its asymptote. The only requirement for a line to be an asymptote is that if one of the coordinates gets larger and larger, the graph gets closer and closer to the asymptote. The "closer and closer" part is defined via limits.

What is a graduated tax?

Like the one i the US where there are brackets of percentages of tax, that get larger as the income gets larger. A low earner pay a low percent, a higher earner a higher percent.

What is the ISBN of No One Thinks of Greenland?

The ISBN of No One Thinks of Greenland is 0312283369.