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62 percent regardless of the overall of the test still means you only got a little over half the questions right if it was a 100 point test it would be 62 grade for 62 right points if it were say 150 you would have gotten 95 points correct its easier for them to show you a percent which is if you had 4 tests and 2 were 150 points and 2 100 all were 30 percent of you final grade would not be added totaled then div. by four like high school if all four were 2 62's and 2 95's your final percent/grade is still 62 which means 30 x .62 gives you 18.6% for your 30% you need of your final grade still your grade is going to be a D for that percentage.

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Q: What grade is a 62 percent on an exam?
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What grade is a 62 percent?

a 62% is a D-

What grade is 62 percent?


If you have 72 percent in a class how much do you have to get on the exam if it's worth 30 percent?

To get a final grade of 72, you need a 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 75, you need an 72 on the exam. For a final grade of 80, you need a 99 on the exam. If you get 100 on the exam, your final grade will be a little over 80.

31 percent out of 50 percent equals What is letter grade?

Percent is always out of 100. 31/50 is 62 percent and is a D

If you have a 68 percent going into an exam and the exam is worth 15 percent what will your mark be if you get a 0?

85% of your grade is a 68 and 15% is zero. 0.85 x 68 + 0.15 x 0 = 58, your final grade.

How do you calculate if you will pass a class when the final is worth 20 percent of my grade?

(.8*Current Grade)+(.2*Exam Score)

If I have a 77 percent in class and normal tests are worth 50 percent of your grade the final exam is 20 percent What grade will I need to get on the final and normal exam to get an 87 in the class?

you would need anything higher than an 87 because its an average and if you get lower there is no way it can get to a 87.

What is 62 percent of 100?

"Percent" means "per hundred".62 percent of 100 = 62.

What is 62 percent of 55200?

62 percent of 55200 .62 * 55200 34224

If you have a 69 in your class and the exam is 20 percent of your grade what do you need to pass the class?

higher than a 69

What is 62 percent of 62?

To find 62 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.62. In this instance, 0.62 x 62 = 38.44. Therefore, 62 percent of 62 is equal to 38.44.

What is 33 percent of 62?

33 percent of 62 is 20.46

What is . 6 percent of 62?

0.6 percent of 62 is 0.372

What does 62 equal in percent?

62 is equal to 6200 percent.

What is 33 percent out of 62?

33 percent of 62 is 20.46

What is 23 percent of 62?

23 percent of 62 = 14.26

What is the percent of 62 out of 100?


What is 62 as a percent?

62 = 6200%

How does a 81 percent score rate on a college exam?

Usually 81% is a grade A or B, depending on what subject the college exam is for. Different subjects have different marking schemes.

Is 62 percent a rational number?

62 percent is the ratio of 62 to 100 ... a very rational number.

What is 100 percent of 62?

100% of 62 = 100% * 62 = 1 * 62 = 62

What number is 62 percent of 100?

62% of 100 is 62

What grade do you get your regents exam?

You get your regents exam when your at the end of your junior year. Possibly 8th grade.

Write 62 percent as a decimal?


Change 62 percent to a decimal?