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It tills outside

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Q: What happen to the speed when the slope increased?
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What happen to the speed if the particles if the temperature is increased?

It increases.

What is the speed of a slope?

A slope does not have any speed.

What will happen to speed-torque characteristics of an induction motor is the rotor resistance is increased?

If Rotor resistance is increased torque is increased

What does the slope of a linen on a distance - time graph represent?

The speed. Also, if a positive slope represents the speed in one direction, the negative slope is the speed in the opposite direction.

What would happen to the speed of a three phase synchronous motor as the load is increased?

If the motor is synchronous, then its speed will not change as the load changes.

What will most likely happen if the amount of enzyme that catalyzes this reaction is increased?

The reaction will speed up.

Does the slope of the line on a speed time graph tells the speed?

No. The slope on a speed vs time graph tells the acceleration.

Is there a link between the height of the slope and the average speed of the objects?

yes there is the higher the height of the slope the quicker the speed is, so as the height of the slope increases, the speed of the object decreases

What does slope describe on a speed vs time graph?

Slope of speed vs time graph = acceleration.

What happen in shunt motor speed if the resistance is increased?

Its performance becomes worse. The speed will drop more when a mechanical load is put on the shaft.

If distance is increased but time remains the same what would happen to your average speed?

The average spped increase

What does the slope of the line on a position versus time graph tell you about the objects speed?

position divided by time=speed. (y/x=speed). (slope=speed)

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