What happen to the speed when the slope increased?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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It tills outside

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Q: What happen to the speed when the slope increased?
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What happen to the speed if the particles if the temperature is increased?

It increases.

What will happen to the speed of the ball at the bottom of the slope?

The speed of the ball will increase at the bottom of the slope due to the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy as it rolls downhill. Assuming no external forces are acting on the ball, it will be traveling at its maximum speed at the bottom of the slope.

How does the angle of a slope affect the speed of a ball rolling down hill?

The steeper the slope (greater angle), the faster the ball will roll downhill due to the increased gravitational force acting on it. This increased force results in a greater acceleration, causing the ball to gain speed more quickly.

What will happen to speed-torque characteristics of an induction motor is the rotor resistance is increased?

If Rotor resistance is increased torque is increased

What is the speed of a slope?

A slope does not have any speed.

How do you expect a steeper slope to affect the water's speed?

A steeper slope would increase the speed of the water because gravity would exert a stronger force on the water, causing it to flow downhill faster. This increased velocity would result in a more rapid flow of water.

What will most likely happen if the amount of enzyme that catalyzes this reaction is increased?

The reaction will speed up.

What does the slope of a linen on a distance - time graph represent?

The speed. Also, if a positive slope represents the speed in one direction, the negative slope is the speed in the opposite direction.

The slope of the distance-time graph gives the?

The slope of a distance-time graph gives the speed or velocity of the object. If the slope is steep, it indicates a higher speed, while a less steep slope indicates a slower speed. The slope is calculated by dividing the change in distance by the change in time.

What information does the slope of a speed time graph provide?

The slope of a speed-time graph represents the acceleration of the object. A positive slope indicates acceleration in the positive direction, a negative slope indicates acceleration in the negative direction, and a zero slope indicates constant speed.

Does the slope of the line on a speed time graph tells the speed?

No. The slope on a speed vs time graph tells the acceleration.

What happen in shunt motor speed if the resistance is increased?

Its performance becomes worse. The speed will drop more when a mechanical load is put on the shaft.