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Q: What happened 2.5 - 2.0 billion years ago?
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According to the big bang hypothesis what happened 20 billion years ago?

The universe did not exist that long ago. The universe as we know it is only 13.7 billion years old.

What does the big bang theory suggests happened 20 billion years ago?

that 20 billion years ago there was nothing in space but an empty space but then you ask yourself "what is nothing?" I dont know about you but i cant myself visualize noting, can you? No one really knows.

What did the big bang hypothesis suggests 20 billion years ago?

TWENTY billion years ago? We don't have the beginnings of a clue. We believe that our universe came into being about 14.5 billion years ago, plus or minus a half a billion years to cover the outlier theories. So 20 billion years ago was 5 billion years before this universe exploded in the Big Bang. Important caveat: we DON'T KNOW if the "Big Bang" happened just the way that some scientists have described it, or if it is somewhat older or a little younger. In fact, we KNOW precious little about things that happened even ONE billion years ago, when this planet was well into middle age. Our theories of the formation of the universe are primarily guesses and conjecture stuck together with a few flimsy facts and a LOT of suggestions. A hundred or a thousand years in the future, scientists will think of us now as the equivalent of the Babylonian and Egyptian astrologers. So, 20 billion years ago..... Here are a few guesses that don't even qualify as hypotheses. 1. The question is meaningless because time came into being when the universe did, so "20 billion years ago" is like asking a 20 year old person "Where were you 30 years ago?" There was no time, no space, no existence, nothing. 2. There are some intriguing speculations that our universe is one of an infinite number of universes in sequence, like a bead on a string. 5 billion years before the beginning of THIS cycle was the beginning of the heat death of the end of the LAST universe.

The big bang hypothesis suggests that 20 billion years ago?

Cosmologists now conclude that the Big Bang (BB) occurred 13.7 billion years ago. Since it is meaningless to speak of something happening "before" the BB -- there was no time or space to have a "before" -- BB Cosmology makes no statement about what happened that long ago.

How did the universe look a googol years ago?

There was no universe a googol years ago. The universe is only between 10-20 billion years old.

What is the longest rain fall?

About 4 billion years ago it rained for 20 million years straight.

Could you see a galaxy that is 20 billion light - years away?

No, since the light cannot reach us at that distance. the space was born 14 billion light years ago and we cannot even see a little spot of 14 billion light years ago which means that we cant see anything that is 20 million light years far.

Was an earth day 24 hours one billion years ago?

No. Earth's day was shorter 1 billion years ago,in the range of 18 to 20 hours. Tidal interactions with the moon are gradually slowing Earth's rotation.

Who or what was the first thing alive?

formation of our atmosphere allowed us to form a oxygen layer which created mutlicellular organisms, then after a few centuries of evolution it evolves into a basic animal all of this information is evolution is the way the life form was made.

What year did the Himalayans start forming?

Nobody really knows exactly when they started to form, but it was almost 20 billion years ago

The idea that everything in the universe came from a single dense ball 10 to 20 billion years ago has been named?

The Big Bang Theory

What was the population Manitoba 20 years ago?

the population of Manitoba 20 years ago was 943,153 persons