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malay ko

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Q: What happened to the toothpicks over time?
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How do you make a square out of 3 toothpicks?

break the toothpicks and you've doubled your amount of toothpicks

How many toothpicks are required to form the large square with 6 toothpicks on a side?

24 toothpicks.

How do you build a strong tower made out of toothpicks and white glue?

Buy pieces of styrofoam. Then, you stick the base in styrofoam. Next, you measure the length of the first piece and the length of the shape of the toothpicks. You may put some vertical on the horizontal toothpicks. Cut off the top of the toothpicks, and put glue on them. If you just poke the next piece of the styrofoam on, you wouldn't be using the glue. Make sure the length of the styrofoam is slightly bigger than the shape of the toothpicks. Glue the styrofoam on. Lastly, do it over and over again until reached height desired. You will need • pieces of styrofoam • Over 100 pieces of toothpicks • Elmer's Glue-All glue

How many brands of toothpicks are there?

im not sure but theres a few brands i know :::: forsters toothpicks and brush picks toothpicks

How can you take 9 toothpicks and make ten without breaking the toothpicks?

Arrange the 9 toothpicks thus: 7 + 3

What happened to the toothpick over time?

malay ko

What happened to the toothpick grasshopper over time?


Which would burn faster a log or toothpicks?

Depends on the amount of toothpicks

Is it impossible to build a bridge out of toothpicks?

You can build a scale model/toy bridge out of toothpicks. You can not build a real bridge to walk on out of toothpicks.

How can you make 10 out of 9 toothpicks without breaking any of them?

You make the number "10" with the 9 toothpicks or spell out "ten" with the 9 toothpicks.

How do you make 10 toothpicks out 9 toothpicks without breaking them?

To solve this, you simply have to put the toothpicks in the shape of a 1 and a 0 to make "10"

What happened to the Byzantine empire's size over time?


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