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It is a potential shock hazard.

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Q: What happens if an outlet is not grounded?
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Can a non grounded outlet be grounded to a grounded outlet?

If you still have a non-grounded outlet. One that does not have a ground wire you should replace the wire that feeds that outlet and not just add a ground wire from another source. The main reason is your feed wires are over 50 years old and could have other problems

What happens to fruits when grounded?

they become grounded

Does a plastic outlet box need to be grounded?

No, but the outlet or switch will still require a ground wire

How do you connect a grounded lamp to a ungrounded outlet?

Change the outlet to a grounded one. Get an adapter that goes from 3 prong to 2. Break the ground prong off. Any one of these will work.

Why does the computer restart every time you touch the outside of the case?

It's probably not grounded properly. Make sure the outlet is grounded and that they house wiring is properly grounded.

Are 4 prong outlet already grounded?

Actually it depends on if the outlet was properly wired in the first place. A 4 wire outlet does have a ground, neutral, and 2 "hot"

When is it dangerous to have 3 prong outlets if they were once 2 prong outlets and they are not grounded?

It's always dangerous to have a 3 prong outlet that isn't grounded unless it's a GFCI outlet or electrically down stream from a GFCI outlet. Down stream means the outlet is further away from the circuit breaker -- not physically further away, but further from the breaker electrically

What happens when you put a screwdriver in a plug in?

If you mean a 'socket' or 'outlet' then nothing will happen unless the screwdriver blade is grounded, either by touching it or connecting it to the other side.This is NOT a very smart thing to do anyway.

What happens when you lick an outlet?

Licking an outlet is not preferred. If you lick an outlet, there are chances that you may get shocked.

What happens to an object when it is grounded?

It becomes electrically discharged.

Can you ground a wall outlet by running a jumper wire from the neutral terminal to the ground screw?

Not correctly , It will show on a tester that it is grounded but you should run a separate ground for it to be properly grounded

What happens when you put a magnet near an electrical outlet?

Nothing happens when you put a magnet near an electrical wall outlet.

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