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when you have an even amount of numbers while trying to find the median, you first find the two numbers that are at the median and then take all the numbers between them and find the median of that. if that amount of digits is also even, then you must have a decimal median.

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Q: What happens to the median when you come up with two answer?
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What happens if you end up with a even number with the median?

You take the arithmetic mean of the middle two numbers.

Mean median and mode on math What if you have two medians what do you do?

you add them both up and divide by two. that will be the exact median.

What do you do if there are two median numbers?

Average them. Add them up and divide by two.

How do you find the median in a group of numbers when you have five numbers?

put them in order and the middle one is the median

How do solve median if there's an even number?

Average the middle two, that is, add them up and divide by two.

What happens when you try to get the median and there is an even amount of factors and you add them up and divide but you come out with an decimal number?

For a median, one will only be dealing with one or two numbers at the middle of a set of values.Where there is one middle number in a set of data (an odd number of values), that middle number is used as the median.For example, the median of the set {1, 3, 5, 7, 9} is 5.Where there are two middle numbers in a set of data (an even number of values, the average of the two numbers in the middle represents the median.For example, the median of the set {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7} is the average of 4 and 5, or 4.5.

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What is the median of 35 24 28 30 35 25 32?

You find the median by arranging the numbers from least to greatest, this set being 24,25,28,30,32,35,35. Then, you find the number that's in the middle, this one being 30. If there's an even number of numbers, you would add up the two numbers in the middle and divide the sum by two. The median is 30.

How do you find the mean and median for dichotomous data types?

To find the mean, you all them all up and divide by how many ever there are. To find the median, you put them in order and the middle one is the median. If there are an even number of data, you take the two in the middle, add them together, then divide by 2.

How does an outlier affect data?

it messes up the mean and sometimes the median. * * * * * An outlier cannot mess up the median.

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set all you numbers up in order from smallest to largest. then find the middle. if there are two number in the middle, add them up and divide by two. Example: set of numbers - 8,6,3,4,10,15,36 put in order from smallest to largest - 3,4,6,8,10,15,36 now find the middle number - 8 8 is then my median of this sequence

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Mean is the average, median is the middle. The get the mean just add up all the numbers and divide by how many numbers you added. The get median just find the middle number

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