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If the length and width of a rectangle are multiplied by the same number, then . . .

-- the perimeter is multiplied by the same number

-- the area is multiplied by the square of the numbner

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Q: What happens to the perimeter and the area of a rectangle if the length and the width are multiplied by the same number Use diagrams to explain?
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The area of a rectangle is 100 inches the perimeter is 40 a second rectangle has the same area but a different perimeter. Is the second rectangle a square?

the area of a rectangleis 100 square inches. The perimeter of the rectangle is 40 inches. A second rectangle has the same area but a different perimeter. Is the secind rectangle a square? Explain why or why not.

Can a rectangle have the same perimeter but different area explain?

No, any shape with four sides and same perimeter will always be a square.

Is there a relationship between the area and the perimeter of a rectangle explain?

Yes, there is. The area of a rectangle sets a lower limit on its perimeter.If the area is A, then the quadrilateral shape with the smallest perimeter has sides of length sqrt(A). Therefore the minimum perimeter is 4*sqrt(A). The perimeter can have any value grater than that since the area of the rectangle can be maintained while making it thinner and longer and thus increasing its perimeter with out any upper limit.

Explain how you could use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

i dont know the anwser

Formulate a rectangle with sides 7 inches and 3 inches long. Explain the perimeter and area of the rectangle.?

Perimeter: 7+3+7+3 = 20 inches Area: 7 times 3 = 21 square inches

Explain how you can use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

I think if it were to be a triangle that it would be six on each

Explain why the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle and the formula for the perimeter of a square are different?

When you think about it for a while, they're really NOT different. The rectangle formula needs a bit more detail, because its sides don't all have the same length, so its length and its width have to be handled separately. But the rectangle formula works perfectly well if you use it to find the perimeter of a square.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle 40m x 5m?

90m. hey um can u explain how to work tht out plez? thanks -Mikeman97

A rectangle has a perimeter of 12m if each side is a whole number of meters what are the possible dimensions for length and width. List them and explain your answer?

if the perimeter is 12 then the semi perimeter is 6 p=2L+2w 12=2L+2w by division 6=L+w

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent explain?

Could a traingle and a rectangle ever be congruent? Explain.

What is explain of a shape with a perimeter of 10cm?

The explanation is that the perimeter is the distance around a figure.

Explain why a square is also a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle because a square has 2 parallel sides and so does a rectangle .

Could a triangle and a rectangle be congruent?

Could a triangle and a rectangle ever be congruent? explain

Can you use the term isosceles to describe a rectangle explain?


Explain how to find a perimeter of the rectangle?

Add up the lengths of all the sides. Since there are two pair of equal sides, just take each the length and double it and then the width and double it. Now add those two numbers. If the length is L and the width is W, the perimeter is 2L +2W

Can a rectangle be a rhombus explain it?

No. A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides. A rhombus has all four sides equal.

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Explain how perimeter of a octagon is more than 8cm?

im not sure!!:(

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go to its wonderfully explained with animated diagrams.

Explain with neat diagrams construction and working principle of a single phase transformer?


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Can one or more faces of a cube be a rectangle explain?

Cubes are 3 dimensional figures and are equal on all edges. Therefore if one face is not a rectangle, then no face is a rectangle. Basically no.

If you know the perimeterof a rectanglebut not the length of its side can you calculate its area explain?

No, you can't. Perimeter = (Length + width) x 2. Consider a rectangle of perimeter 48 cm. L + w = 24 but this could be anything from 23 x 1 (area 23 sq cm) to 12 x 12 (area 144 sq cm)

Can you conclude that this parallelogram is a rectangle explain?

No. You cannot conclude anything about a shape which is not visible.