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it gets larger

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Q: What happens to the slope when a line with positive slope gets close to vertical?
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What happens when you try to calculate the slope of a vertical line?

You cannot: the slope is not defined.

Is a Verticle line positive or negative?

A vertical line is neither positive nor negative because the slope is undefined. An undefined slope creates a vertical line, hence no slope to calculate. An example of a vertical line would be x=2 or a "slope" of 2/0 (undef. slope). In addition, a vertical line is not even a function because it has repeating input(x) values.

What happens when the slope is 3 over 0?

If the slope is 3/0 then the line is vertical (as there is no change in x for some change in y).

How do you find a negative slope intercept of a vertical line?

A vertical line does not have a slope - negative or positive. It is not defined. A vertical line has no y intercept and, if its equation is x = c (for some number c), then the x-intercept is (c, 0).

What slope does vertical line have?

A vertical line has a slope of infinity.

Slope of a vertical line?

The slope of a vertical line is undefined. Horizontal slope is 0.

What kind of slope does a vertical line have?

a vertical line has an undefined slope, while a horizontal slope has a slope of zero.

Is an undefined slope a vertical or horizontal line?

An undefined slope is vertical.

What is the slope of all vertical lines?

The slope of a vertical line is not defined.

Which has a greater slope a horizontal or vertical line?

Vertical. Te horizontal like has zero slope ( no slope) and the vertical line has infinite (very very high) slope

What is the difference between a line with a slope of zero and no slope?

A line with slope of zero is horizontal. A line with no slope is vertical because slope is undefined on a vertical line.

Does a vertical line has no slope?

yes it has no slope