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The temperature remains constant until all water molecules are turned into gas. The gas can then be heated to a higher temperature.

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Q: What happens to the temperature of water as it boils?
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What happens to the temperature when the water boils?

The temperature of the water rises.

What happens to water when it is heated to a temperature of 100 degrees?

It boils

What happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit?

Water boils at that temperature.

What happens to water when it is heated to a temperature of 100c?

It evaporates

What happens to heat energy when water boils?

the water boils at 100c. once it reaches that temperature, the watermolecules start to evaporate (steam)

What happens when you add salt to boiling water?

The temperature at which it boils will get higher.

What happens to the temperature of the water as it boils?

When water is boiling, the temperature remains constant, as the energy it is absorbing is being used to change the liquid water into water vapor.

What is the temperature when water boils in Kelvin?

Water boils at 373.15 K.

How can the temperature at which water boils be altered?

Altitude can affect the temperature at which water boils, because the pressure changes.

What is the temperature scale on which water boils at 212 degrees?

The temperature scale on which water boils at 212 degrees is the Fahrenheit scale.

At what temperature does orange juice boil?

Orange boils at the temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the same temperature that water boils at.

What happens to water when it boils?

when water boils it evaporates,particles start to move faster

What is the temperature of water boils?

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. Or 212 degrees F

Water boils at a temperature of?


What is the temerature water boils at?

at normal atmospheric temperature (in plains) it boils at 100oC

What happens at 0c and 100c?

0 C is 0 degrees Celsius. Pure water freezes at this temperature. 100 C is the temperature when pure water boils at sea level.

Which liquid boils at lower temperature than water?

Ethanol, with a boiling point of 78 degrees C, boils at a lower temperature than water.

How does the temperature of water change as how does the temperature of water change as the bulls it boils?

The teamperature does not change

How does altitude affect the boiling temperature of water?

At higher altitudes water boils at lower temperatures. At sea level water boils at 100 degrees C. At the top of a mountain, because of the decrease in atmospheric pressure, water boils at a lower temperature.

What is the K temperature at which water boils?


Water boils at this temperature?

100oC or 373.15K

What temperature does water boil at in kelvins?

Water boils at 373K.

At what temperature kelvin does water boil?

Water boils at 373.15K.

What temperature does water boils to?

Fresh water under atmospheric pressure boils at 100 C or at 212 F

How to test to see if something has water?

collect a sample of the liquid and boil it, see what temperature it boils at, is it boils at 100 degrees then it is water.