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Q: What happens when a cylinder misfires?
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How do you fix cylinder misfires?

start with new plugs

What is cause of 2000 Avalon with 85k miles to have codes p300 misfires p301 1 cylinder misfire p306 6 cylinder misfires after changing sparkplugs?

Cross-threaded spark plug.

WHY DOES Cylinder 3 misfires 98 ford explorer?

Could be a bad coil (each cylinder has its own) common problem

How does 1 bad cylinder affect perfofmance?

i tmakes the car judder a i and the engine misfires

2000 Accord P1399?

P1399 is a pending code for random or multiple cylinder misfires.

What would cause your 1996 grand prix gtp with the 3.4 dohc to have single and multiple cylinder misfires?

Your 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix will experience cylinder misfires when one or several of the spark plug wires are bad. A bad spark plug can also cause the problem.

Misfires on 1-4-3 cylinder on Mercedes c240?

Chek out the ignition coils, the wires and the spark plugs..

You got a code saying cylinder 2 misfires what could it be?

Plugs, wires, coil, distributor, injector, internal engine....

What causes multiple cylinder misfires on dodge 5.9l engine with only 11000 miles on rebuilt motor from dealership?

the injectors....

What happens when firing order is wrong?

The engine , if it runs at all , will , of course , have misfires and may have a 'backfire' .

What is the definition of kickback?

Kickback is a slang term for a bribe, or what happens when you spin an aircraft'spropellor to start it and it misfires.

What are the symptoms of a distributor that has been installed incorrectly?

All symptoms of bad timing; stalling on sudden wide open throttle, running rich or lean, misfires, especially continuous misfires on the same cylinder, or just simply not running.