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It becomes a hundred times larger.

In decimal notation, its representation is changed by shifting the decimal place two places to the right - if necessary inserting zeros before the decimal point.

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Q: What happens when a number if multiplied by 100?
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What is the answer to 100 multiplied to 100?

100 multiplied by 100 is not a question. It's a number. The number is 10,000 .

What number multiplied by 4 equals 100?

25 multiplied by 4 = 100.

When a certain number is multiplied by 100 and the answer is 375 what is the answer when the same number is multiplied by 20?

375/100 = 3.75 x 20 = 75

When a number is multiplied by 1000 the result is 320.when the number is multiplied by 100 the result is 32. What is the result when the number is multiplied by 10?

3.2 is the answer as 0.32 is the original number.

What happens to a number when it is multiplied by 10?

it become and even number

If someone multiplied 3.205 by a number and got 320.5 what was the number he multiplied by?

3.205x = 320.5 x = 100

What number multiplied by 50 equals 100?

The number 2.

What happens when a fraction is multiplied by its reciprocal?

When any number is multiplied by its reciprocal, the product is ' 1 '.

What number multiplied by 4 is 100?

25. 4*25=100

What number multiplied by 24 is 100?

4.166667 x 24 = 100

What number can be multiplied by 43 to get a 100?

The answer is 100/43, which is approx 2.3256

What does it mean when a number is out of 100?

This means the number is multiplied by 100 because in this case of means multiplication.