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gets shot by a penis

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Q: What happens when a shooter is fouled while shooting at the wrong basket?
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What happens in basket ball when a player is fouled in the key while shooting?

they get 2 shots from the freethrow line if they miss and 1 shot if they make it (:

Where do you go if you get fouled in the act of shooting?

Where do you go, if you fouled in the act of shooting?

Is hitting the hand of a shooter a foul in basketball?

Yes. It is called a 'block' and will result in 2 foul shots for the shooter. If the shooter makes the shot but also gets fouled, the basket counts as 2 points and the shooter gets 1 foul shot opportunity.

How is the NCAA free throw shooter determined?

The individual that was fouled, or in the case of a "technical foul", the coach may determine the shooter.

What is a foul in basket ball?

Illegal contact. And the fouled player would have to shoot free throws if the foul happened during the act of shooting.

When would a player be awarded free throws in a game?

If the player is fouled while in the act of shooting and does not make the basket, he will receive two free throws, each worth 1 point. If the player is fouled while in the act of shooting and makes the basket, he is given the basket (2 points or 3 if it is outside the 3 point line) as well as one free throw worth 1 point.

When shooting a 3 point shot and get fouled how many shots at the foul line do you get in the nba?

In the NBA, if the shot is not made the shooter receives three free throws. If the shot is made, the shooter receives one free throw.

If a player is shooting a basket and a different player gets fouled does he get two shots?

No, no one will get any foul shots but the shot will count if the person shooting makes it and was in the act of shoot before the foul was initiated.

When the three point line was first established when a shooter was fouled while making a three if the free shooting team rebounded the missed point after was it a dead ball?


If you are fouled while shooting do you get tose points and a free-throw?

if you make the shot then yes but when you get fouled you have to be in your shooting motion. if you get fouled at the 3 point line you get those points to. i like jelly and barbecue sauce yeah you get the points only if you make the basket. then u can get ur free throws.but if u dont make it.then u just get the free throws.

If you are fouled while shooting a layup and the basket counts how many free-throws do you get to shoot?

if you did leave the ball after you get fouled...then you get 2 free throws...if you hold onto the don't get just get to pass it to your team mates from outside

Can you call time out in basketball when a fouled shooter has been handed the basketball?


When do you get three free throws?

when you get fouled when shooting 3 pointer

How many shots do you take if you are fouled when shooting?

2 shots

If you get fouled while shooting a shot what do you get to shoot?

A free throw

Is in every basketball foul under the basket a free throw?

only if the offensive player is in the act of shooting when fouled, or if the defensive team is over the foul limit when they foul the offensive player.

What is the difference between a shooting foul and a non shooting foul?

a shooting foul is when the player with the ball is fouled while in a shooting motion (jumpshot, dunk, layup, alleyoop, etc.) and a non shooting foul is when a player is fouled while not in a shooting motion (running, passing, off-ball, etc.)

If you get fouled at the three point line what happens?

If your shooting, you get 3 free throws, if not, it's just a regular foul and you just throw the ball in.

What happens if a foul is committed on a non-shooting player?

Then there would just be a personal foul and the team that got fouled would keep possession.

What constitutes a foul in the act of shooting If your hand or arm is touched after the shot is released but the shooter is still in the air is it a foul?

If you are slapped or held in the act of jumping or shooting, you will take 2-3 foul shots. 3 if you are fouled outside the 3 point arch.

Do teams get 1 and 1 on offensive fouls?

It is possible to get a 1 and 1 when it is an offensive foul but... 1 and 1 is when the person is not in the act of shooting and gets fouled. So a 1 and 1 can be gotten on offense and defense but a player can also shoot 2 without being in the act of shooting a basket. this happens when the team already has 7+ team fouls

How many points are earned when shooting a basket within 19 feet?

Same as shooting in the 3 point area. You get 3 points. You can't get more then 3 points in one possesion unless! You get fouled when shooting a 3 pointer and the 3 pointer goes in. They will let you get 1 foul shot.

What is a hoop and a harm?

Like "And one," it is a slang term for making a basket when fouled.

How many points are scored per basket for basketball?

not sure about college basketball, but the NBA it is 2 points per basket. if the shooter is fouled whilst making the shot he will then have the chance to make a free throw. if the ball goes in the basket then he takes 1 free-throw to make a total of 3 points. if the ball misses the basket then he takes 2 free-throws to make a total of 2 points.

How may foul shots are allowed in basketball?

When you get fouled while shooting and make it only one shot. If you get fouled and missed 2 shots.