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The value of x is directly proportional to to the value of y.hence when the value of x increases the value of y decrteses and vice verse

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Q: What happens when the y value increases does the x value increase decrease or stay the same?
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Does present value increase or decrease when the interest rate increases?


In an inverse relationship how do the values of y change as the values of x increase?

Y would decrease in value as X increases in value.

What will happen if the pH value in our body increases?

Any increase or decrease from the normal will cause many enzymes and their chemical reactions to malfunction.

Does the present value of money increase as the number of years before the payment is received increases?

No, it should decrease, assuming the interest rate is the same.

Why the share value increases?

when market value increase than share value increase

Does an increase in common stock increase or decrease cash flow?

Increase in common stock would mean increase in stocks available for sale but that depends if the face value or market value per share increases too. If it increases, then there will be future cash inflow to the company when the said stocks available for sale are sold. If there is no increase, it will not affect the profitability of the business because it just means stock splits.

How do you increase a value by percentage?

a property value increases from187950 to 217750. what percent increase in value is that?

How do you find the percent of an increase or decrease?

% change is the % of increase or % of decrease. % change = (difference of the two values / the original value) x 100% =[(original value - new value)/original value] x 100% % increase -if the value increased % decrease -if the value decreased

What happens to the amount of distance an object travels when it speeds up?

The distance will increase as the speed (absolute value of velocity) increases.

How do you calculate a percentage change increase or decrease?

the new value minus the old value, then divide it by the old value, times 100%, if the value is positive, it's the percentage increase, if it's negative, it's the percentage decrease.

Why values given in t-table decrease when df increases at a given level of significance?

when level of significant is constant and df is increases why table value decrease.

Will the value of the expression 20- x increase decrease or stay the same as x Explain?

If x stays the same the expression stays the same. Since the expression involves negative x, the value of the expression decreases as x increases.

Does pH increase or decrease when acid is added to water?

The Ph will decrease. This is because water has a neutral Ph value of 7 so if an acid which has a lower Ph value than water is added to it, the Ph will decrease

What is the change the increase or decrease in the value for a portfolio with a beginning value 4710 an a ending value of 4164?

4710 to 4164 is a decrease of 546 (-11.5924%).

What happens to the area of the segments between the circle and new polygon when the number of sides increases?

The areas decrease in size to a limiting value of zero - ie as the number of sides of the polygon increases it comes closer and closer to the circle.

What means that the value of each dollar increases in terms of what it can buy?

Just as a decrease in the value of a dollar is called inflation (it take more dollars to buy the same good during a period of time), the increase in the value of a dollar is usually called deflation.

Why is the percent increase from forty five to seventy five not equal to the percent decrease from Seventy five to forty five?

Because percentage changes increases or decreases - are calculated relative to the starting value, which appears as the denominator in the calculations. In the above example, the increase will be relative to 45 whereas the decrease will be relative to 75.

An increase in net export?

The country would have to either increase the dollar value of exports or decrease the dollar value of imports.

How you find the percent of increase and decrease?

first calculate the value of increase e.g. if 100 increases to 110 then the increase is 10. Then you calculate the percentage increase by diving the increase by the original number then multiply by 100 i.e. (10 divided 100 = 0.1, multiplied by 100 = 10%) or (10/100)*100 same for % decrease but in reverse.

What will happen if demand decreases and supply increases?

the price and value of the item will decrease.

If energy cannot be created nor destroyed why does its value sometimes decrease or increase?

Energy can be transferred from one place to another, or one type of energy can be converted into another kind.Also, USABLE energy will decrease over time; while the unusable energy increases.

What is a positive gradient in math?

A positive gradient is a characteristic of a function whose value increases as the value of the argument increases. So, if y is a function, f(x), of x, then an increase in the value of x is accompanied by an increase in the value of y.

What is the difference between incrementation and decramentation?

An increment is an increase in value, while a decrement is a decrease in value.

What can lead to an increase in the price of a company's stock?

Typical reasons include an increase in the company's earnings, or in the value of its holdings, or its percentage of market share for its products. Stock price increases when there is a demand for the stock (buying) and will usually decrease if there is less demand (net selling).

What leads to an increase in the price of a companies stock?

Typical reasons include an increase in the company's earnings, or in the value of its holdings, or its percentage of market share for its products. Stock price increases when there is a demand for the stock (buying) and will usually decrease if there is less demand (net selling).