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Specifically if you increase the diameter of the main lens, or of the main mirror (depending on the type of the telescope), you'll be able to observe dimmer objects (stars, planets, etc.). Also, the telescope's resolving power (angular resolution) improves with a bigger mirror/lens. For example, with a bigger mirror/lens you'll be able to distinguish two stars that are closer together as separate objects.

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Q: What happens when you increase the diameter of a telescope?
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What is the diameter of the chandra telescope?

It is 33 METERS in diameter

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How much more light does a 3-m-diameter telescope collect than a 1-m- diameter telescope?

32 = 9.

Does the diameter of a telescope control its magnification?

No, the diameter of a telescope's objective lens or mirror determines its light-gathering ability and resolving power, while the magnification is determined by the ratio of the focal length of the objective lens or mirror to the eyepiece.

How do four telescopes of diameter 8m each gather as much light as one of diameter 16m?

Four telescopes with 8m diameter each can gather as much light as one with 16m diameter because they can be combined using interferometry techniques to effectively act as a single telescope with the equivalent light-gathering area. By correlating the signals from the individual telescopes, the resolution and sensitivity can be increased as if they were a single larger telescope.

What does the light gathering ability of a telescope depend on?

A refracting telescope is a type of optical telescope. It was used in astronomical telescopes and spy glasses. Objective lens are used to produce the image.

How big is the lovell telescope?

The Lovell Telescope, located at the Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK, has a diameter of 76 meters (250 feet). It is one of the largest fully-steerable radio telescopes in the world.

What is the biggest telescope?

The largest optical telescope in the world today is the Gran Telescopio Canarias (Grand Canary Telescope) in Spain, with an effective diameter of 10.4 meters. The world's largest individual radio telescope is the RATAN-600 in Russia, with the effective diameter of a 600 meter dish.

What makes a telescope powerful?

The light-gathering power of a telescope is determined by its aperture, which refers to the width of a telescopes primary mirror or objective lens.

What is a western astronomical telescope worth?

The size of a telescope depends on many factors, but mainly, on its size. For example, a telescope with a diameter (of the main lens or mirror) of 100 mm will cost much less than one with a diameter of 500 mm.

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