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Multiply by a number greater than 1 will increase the value. Multiplying by less than one will decrease the number.

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Q: What happens when you multiply a number like 10 with a number bigger than 1?
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What happens when you multiply a fraction by 1?

When you multiply a fraction by 1, the value does not change. It is like this for any number.

What is long divison?

Long division is when you divide a bigger number. Its like dividing a number bigger than he usual like 130+.

Find four fifths of a number?

To find 4/5 of a number, multiply the number by 4, then divide the result by 5. You can also do the division first if you like.

When renaming fractions why do you multiply the numerator by the same number by wich you multiply the denominator?

because all your doing is making it bigger like if you eat 3/4 of a pizza is like saying you ate 12/16. because if its divided in 4 pieces, you eat 3 of that. you would still get the same portion if you just made more pieces but ate the same amount.

What do you get when you subtract a positive with a negative?

It depend on what number is bigger is its like -80 + 3 it would be -83 because the sign takes the bigger number

Is 0.05 greater than 0.4?

O.4 is greater than 0.05 and here's why: Always move your decimal 2 places to the right. So if you move the decimal 2 places to the right of 0.4 it will look like this = 40. You add a zero for the missing place. So that means 0.05 = 5. Anything before the decimal will be as a whole number so that would mean 40 is greater that 5.

How do I draw an array to multiply a whole number and a fraction?

like this

How do you multiply 3 digit numbers with 3 digit numbers?

You multiply the one digit number on the bottom to every number on the top starting at the right and so on with every other number on the bottom.

How do you multiply decimals?

arrange and multiply the number like whole numbers. count the number of decimal places. start from the rightmost, put the decimal point based on the total number of decimal places

How do we know if we have to multiply or add exponents if the bases are the same?

You have to add the exponents. It's best if you just remember it. You can also consider what happens when you multiply something like:(2 x 2 x 2) x (2 x 2) As you can notice, the number of factors get added. That's like adding the exponents.

Can you multiply a number with a variable and a number without one?

yes you can so like 3x*5 would =15x

What is a definition for rounding in your own words?

It is like when you have a number then you make it into another number to make it a bigger number.

How do you do exponentical growth?

You multiply a number by itself like 2*2, and then multiply the result by the original number, 2*4, 2*8, 2*8, 2*16.

What is 3 7ths of 56?

Put the fractions vertically like this : 3/7 = x/56, then what times 7 is 56, whatever that number is, you would multiply to 3, to get what x equalsIt should be 8(the number you multiply to 3) And you should get... (DO THE MATH)

Is -15 bigger that -11?


What does exponents mean in math?

Exponents are multiplying one number many times by itself. Basically, (to know what an exponent looks like), it's the little number on the right-hand corner of the bigger number. For example, 22 That means you multiply "2" by itself. So, 2 x 2. 4! Get it?

How do you find 90 percent of a number?

multiply the number by .90 or just.9 like 90% of 100 is 90

How should you know about perfect squares?

If you have a number like 12 and you multiply it by the same number: 12 and the answer you get is a whole number, then the whole number is the perfect square.

Why is the answer larger when you multiply a whole number by a whole number and smaller when you multiply a whole number by a proper fraction?

It is larger because the two whole numbers form a greater, larger number when multiplpied together. It is smaller when u multiply a whole number by a fraction because a fraction is a decimal and u get a smaller number when multiplying a number like 1/7 of 5

How do you multiply a negative number by a positive number?

You multiply the numbers just like you would normally except that the product will have a negative sign. Example: -6 X 5 = -30. When you multiply a negative number and a positive number, the product will always be negative. Multiplying two positive numbers or two negative numbers will give you positive products.

What number is bigger 0.322 or 0.30?

0.322 it is because 0.30 is like 0.300 so 0.322 is bigger beat that !!

What number can multiply by 970?

Any number you like to think of but as a product of its prime factors: 2*5*97 = 970

What number is greater than 500 less than 1000 and its square root is a square number?

a square number is a number that you multiply the same number like:8.8 = 64 get it

Write a definition of rounding in your own words?

it is like when you have a number you use that number to make it bigger

What is the product of six tenths?

A 'product' is the answer you get when you multiply two numbers (multiply one number by another).There's no such thing as the product of one number. It's like the sound of one hand clapping.