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Nothing happens when you put a magnet near an electrical wall outlet.

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Q: What happens when you put a magnet near an electrical outlet?
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What happens when a magnet is placed near a copper wire?

The coperwire sticks to the magnet

What happens when peice of plastic is brought near the magnet?

When some pieces of plastics are brought near the magnet, they will get attracted.

What happens when a fruit fly is near a magnet?


What happens when a magnet come near steel?

stick it

What happens when a compass is near a magnet?

The magnet overwhelms the earth's magnetic field, and the compass points toward the magnet.

What happens when a magnet is placed near to a magnetic material?

It will attract.

What happens if you put a magnet near your heart?

nothing at all

What happens when a bar magnet is brought near a compass?


What happens when you sprinkle iron fillings near a magnet?

when we sprinkle iron filingson a magnet,they stick on it but when we sprinkle it near the magnet they arrange around the magnet in definite curved line forming a systematic pattern

What happens when the north pole of the magnet is brought near the south pole of a freely suspended magnet?

Get attracted and stick on together

How does a magnet produces an electircity?

When a magnet is moved near an electrical conductor (usually a coil of wire), it excites electrons in the conductor. This happens because the magnet is polarized, meaning one side has a negative and one a positive charge, and this charge attracts or repels electrons in the conductor. The motion of the electrons is electricity.

What happens when opposite poles of a magnet are placed near each other?

They are pulled together if the poles are opposite.

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