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Subtracting a negative is like adding a positive; the result will be positive.

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Q: What happens when you subtract a negative from a posotive?
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Is a negative divided by a negative a posotive?

Negative divided by a negative is always a positive.

Does an electron have a posotive charge?


Are metal ions positive or negative?

they tend to be posotive because they lose electrons and get a posotive charged, whilst not metals tend to be negative ions and gain electrons.

How do you deflect photons?

You extract the hydrogen pronuerons after you subtract the number of posotive electrons.

Can the absolute value of a be posotive or negative?

It can be either.

Negative and posotive numbers in an expression?

Sure, why not?

Posotive or Negative Sugar dissolves in tea?

A+ : negagite. :}

What were some negative and posotive points of Christianity?

i have no info.

Is the plants flower a positive or negative response?


What is the difference between pride and jealousy?

Pride is posotive and jealousy is negative.

Do protons have negative charge?

no, they have a posotive charge , electrons have negative and neutrons have no charge or are neutral

What Harry Potter's positive and negative actions?

in 1 his posotive is hogwarts his negative is voldemort

Negative 282 minus posotive 1017 equals?


What does the x axis define or label?

posotive/ negative numbers

Which way does conventional current flow around a circuit?

negative (-) to posotive (+)

What are the positive and negative effects of factory farming?

posotive it cost less negative it uses chemicals

What happens if you subtract a positive and a negative numbers?

In addition different signs you subtract and give the sign of the bigger number. Ex: 6+(-8)= -14

What is the answer if you subtract positive twentyseven from negative sixtynine?

If you subtract positive twenty-seven from negative sixty-nine, you would get negative forty-two. You simply subtract the 27 from the 69 but leave the negative sign.

What is negative subtract a plus?

A negative.

The product of two posotive numbers or two negative numbers is?

The product of two positive numbers or two negative numbers is a positive number.

What is a negative subtracted by a positive?

If you subtract a positive from a negative, you will get a negative.

If you ride your bike uphill then ride down the other side your acceleration is?

First negative, then posotive.

What does a negative subtract positive equal?

A negative

What is 4x-2?


What do you do when subtracting a positive and a negative?

If you subtract a negative from a positive, add both of their absolute values. If you subtract a positive from a negative, add both of their absolute values and multiply by negative one.