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Q: What has 4 equal angles and 2 pairs of matching sides and two lines of symmetry?
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Equal matching angles on parallel lines cut by a transversal?

corresponding and alternate angles

What has only one line of symmetry two sets of equal sides and only one set of matching angles?

An irregular pentagon such as a child's silhouette of a house: a rectangle shape (open at the top) forming the body of the house, with a triangular roof on of the rectangle. The vertical line through the apex of the roof is the line of symmetry. The two walls, and the two roof lines are the two sets of equal sides. The two right angles at the base are the one set of matching angles.

What figure has 6 equal angles and 3 lines of symmetry?


Name the quadrilateral which has opposite angles equal but no lines of symmetry?


What figure has 6 equal angles and 3 lines of symmetry that cross the 6 angles?


What figure has 6 equal angles and 3 lines of symmetry that cross the six angles?


What shape has no parallel sides are equal in length angles are equal and has 5 lines of symmetry?


What shape has 3 equal sides 3 equal angles 3 lines of symmetry?

an equilateral triangle

What shape has five lines of symmetry no right angles or obtuse angles and all sides of equal length?


What 2D shape has four sides which are not equal in length that has 2 equal acute angles and 2 obtuse angles and has no lines of symmetry?


What shape has 2 lines of symmetry and one pair pf equal angles?


Show three lines of symmetry?

If your asking what shape has three lines of symmetry, your answer would be an equilateral triangle. You can tell how many lines of symmetry a shape that has all angles of the same measure has by looking at it's angles. Ex., pentagon has five angles--five lines of symmetry; octagon has eight angles, eight lines of symmetry; etc.