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What has 4 legs 1 eye and half a tail

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Q: What has 4 legs 1 eye and half a tail?
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What has 1 eye and 8 legs?

Two tables and half a fish. This is my favourite anti-joke ever.

How many legs would a dog have if its tail was a leg?

5. A dog has 4 legs and 4+1=5!

What is the shape of a turtle's tail?

1 in a half inch

What is brown has a head and a tail but no legs?

The U.S. 1-cent dollar coin :)

What has a tail a head and is brown but has no legs?

The U.S. 1-cent dollar coin :)

What logo has a w with an eye on top and a 1 with a half corcles?

war with an eye

What size are Runt Shorkies?

They are about 7 1/2 inches from floor to shoulder standing up straight. They have short little stumpy legs, and a short tail, longer floppy ears that hang over. And they have beards, mustaches, and long eye lashes. For video answer, look Below for Sandface's video

How many body parts does a lynx have?

The lynx has a strong muscular body shape. They have short legs, a stumpy tail, but are quite powerful.

What has 14 legs 6 heads 12 ears and 1 tail?

Five people and one racoon, horse, mouse, squirrel, turtle, or dog.

What are 6 charachteristics of birds?

1. Beaks 2. Wings 3. Two legs 4. Hatch from eggs 5. Two eyes 6. Tail

What is the difference between 0X1 beef and 1X1?

This is the amount of tail and fat in relation to the eye of a strip loin. The bigger the numbers the more tail and fat the loin has. So a 0x1 has virtually no tail on one end and no more than 1" in the other a 1x1 would have about 1" of tail the whole way down the strip loin, and a 0x0 wouldn't have any tail the whole way down the loin. The more tail the less expensive the beef but the less yield you get.

What has 1 eye 2 nose 3 ears 4 mouth 5 hands 6 legs 7 fingers 8 toes?

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