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Q: What has a value abnormal to a set?
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How should a single abnormal CEA value be viewed?

A single abnormal CEA value may be significant, but must be regarded cautiously.

What has the author Gerald W Anderson written?

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What is the definition of abnormal finding in nursing?

In nursing, abnormal findings usually refer to clinical symptoms and signs that are outside the parameters of a normal finding. Abnormal findings are not always serious, but should be examined further to make sure.

Which model of abnormality explains abnormal behavior as the result of a set of learned responses?


What is the value of a 2001 US mint silver proof set?

The 5 coin proof set has a value of $6, the 10 coin set has a value of $15 and the 10 coin silver set has a value of $48.

The lowest value in a set of numbers through the highest value in the set?


What is an extreme value in a set?

the maximum or minimum value of a continuous function on a set.

Value of a 1956 us proof set?

The value of the set is dependent on condition. However, the proof set value is between $50 and $70 US.

Is an outlier the last number of a set of data?

Not necessarily. If the data are not ordered by size, it could be anywhere in the data set. If the data are ordered, it could be the last. But equally, it could be the first. Also, it could be the last two, three etc, or one from each end. Essentially, an outlier is a value that is an "abnormal" distance from the "middle". The middle may be the median or the mean of the data set (usually not the mode). The "abnormal" distance is generally defined in terms of a multiple of the interquartile range (when median is used) or standard deviation (when the mean is used).

What is the value of a blue comet Atlantic City toy train set?

I dont the value of the set. Are you trying to sell it. I dont the value of the set. Are you trying to sell it.

When can the mean be the largest value in the data set?

When the data set consistys of a single value.

What is the value of Commonwealth of the Bahamas Proof set 1974?

What is value of proof set of Commonwealth of the Bahams proof set 1974