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A pyramid.

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Q: What has one rectangular and four triangular faces?
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How is finding the surface area of rectangular pyramid different from finding the surface area of a triangular prism?

The first comprises one rectangular face and four triangular faces whereas the second has two triangular and three rectangular faces.

What is a shape that has three-dimensional shape and one rectangular face and four triangular faces?

A rectangular-based pyramid.

This shape has four flat triangular faces and one flat rectangular face what is it?

A pyramid

What shape has two triangular faces and two rectangular faces?

There is no such shape - unless there are other faces. If there is one rectangular face then you require at least four other faces - one on each edge of the rectangle - making a minimum of 5 faces.

Does a triangular prism has 3 rectangular faces?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, a triangular prism has two triangular faces, its bases, and three rectangular faces, its sides, which connect the two faces. Unfolding the prism into a net reveals a rectangle divided into three rectangular sections (these are the three rectangular faces) and two congruent triangles attached along a common edge to one of these rectangles (these are the two triangular faces).

What is a three dimensional shape with triangular faces and one rectangular base?

rectangular pyramid

What is a three dimensional shape that has triangular faces and one rectangular base?

A pyramid.

What are the plat surfaces on a pyramid cube or rectangular prism called?

The flat surfaces on a pyramid are called faces. A pyramid has one base and triangular faces that meet at a single point called the apex. On a cube or rectangular prism, the flat surfaces are called faces as well. But unlike a pyramid, a cube has six square faces, while a rectangular prism has two rectangular bases and four rectangular faces.

What are the bases of a triangular pyramid?

Any one of the four triangular faces.

Which 3D shapes has five faces?

Triangular prism is one and another one is the rectangular prism

What is a triangular prism with a slanted top called?

A triangular prism that is sitting on one of its rectangular faces MUST have a slanted top!

Where is the vertex on a rectangular pyramid?

There are five of them. One at each corner of the rectangular base, and the fifth at the apex where the triangular faces meet.